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I was tagged by the ever so lovely Tammy of Rainbow Feet to show my winter essentials (Tammy did a video showing hers), 5 items I absolutely cannot be without during our longest season here in Sweden. Somebody shoot me now please. Only picking 5 items is very hard and, spoiler alert, I only managed to fit in ONE skincare item! Gasp! Without further delay, I present to you Nic’s Top 5 Winter Essentials:

1. My Canada Goose Expedition jacket. Need I say more? The jacket itself is warm (but surprisingly, not warm enough, must be something wrong with me but I have a solution for that) but one of the best parts about it is the hood with coyote fur. And yes, it’s real coyote fur. I’ve been informed (as will all Canada Goose apparel owners) that they aren’t endangered and the fur isn’t just there to look pretty. Coyote fur actually traps wind which means that when it’s blowing crazy gale outside I can still enjoy being in the outdoors without feeling as though my face is going to be ripped off. The only downside is that I lose all peripheral vision since the hood covers so well (no need for a hat with this!) but I can live with that. Now I know how men see, haha!


2. My Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket in Lilac. Now this is my solution to the problem I mentioned above. Not only do I wear a heavy duty down jacket that actually weighs a bit, but I also wear another light layer of down underneath it. If I didn’t do this when it’s down to subzero temps, the Canada Goose alone would not keep me warm. Yep, I’m what you call a samugariya in Japanese which translates to a chilly person! Meaning I feel chilly more often than I feel warm. As you can tell from the pic, the Uniqlo jacket also very niftily fits inside a little bag that accompanies it. I absolutely love this outerwear and plan on getting a few more in different colours and styles. And don’t let the lightness of it fool you, it keeps you very warm!



3. My pashminas! Granted it is more than one item here but I have taken the liberty to name it as one and then the fact that I have four, well, lucky me! I absolutely love pashminas for their lightness and versatility. You can use them literally all year round and they’re perfect for any occasion. The only time when you mightn’t need one is in a hot and humid country BUT what hot and humid countries also have are highly air-conditioned stores, offices, restaurants, cafes and what have you so yes, you do need a pashmina even in Japan or Singapore. I’ve needed them in both places as well as in HK where I got my hands on these beauties. They’re great for air plane travel as well, being so lightweight yet keeping you so warm when the temperature drops in the cabin. I’ve had my pashminas for years and they’re the only scarves I need in the winter as they really do keep you warm. I’ve tried other material blends in the past (wool, silk etc) but I always come back to a pashmina (which is the same as cashmere but originates from “pashm”, the wool produced from inner hair of certain goats*). They come in various sizes and designs; my favourite is the wrap/shawl since it’s bigger than a regular scarf and you have more options in how to use it.


4. Tindra candle bags! Even though I am somewhat biased when it comes to these gorgeous paper candle bags (my boyfriend’s mother designs and sells them) I would still have been smitten by them had they been designed by someone else. I do have quite a few in my possession and I just love lighting them up in the evening (which begins at 3pm these days!) and reveling in the soft beautiful glow they emanate. I really don’t need other lights when I have these lit up. Apart from being beautiful and calming, it’s an item that really helps you get through the loooooooong dark winters here in the North. It’s true, us Swedes have a big penchant for candles and open fires…anything that gives off light basically! For those of you worrying whether the bags will catch fire, worry not. These babies are flame-retardant and biodegradable. Beautiful AND eco-friendly! So why not give the gift of light this year?







5. Da da daaaaaa! My one and only winter essential skincare item on this list and no, it’s not a lip balm. It’s Kenza International Beauty‘s Pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil. I’ve fallen hard for this oil. I won’t go into too much detail about it now as I’m planning an in-depth review on it and two other items, but suffice to say that it has saved my skin from becoming dry and flakey. Two drops in the evening is all I need and I’m good to go. I don’t even need a moisturiser after this. I’m so happy to have been introduced to prickly pear seed oil, my skin drinks it up like it’s champagne happy hour and I get what the hype is about!


I would love to know what Ru from Short Small & Sweet, Julie from Makeup Passion Beauté, Sarita from Peace On the Skin & Peace Within, Lola from The Hermes Hippie and Marcy from Naturally Marcy have as their winter essentials. Perhaps you guys will have more skincare items!

I apologise for not having more skincare items myself but this is a true picture of what I use everyday now that we’re rapidly heading into the throes of winter!

Have a great week everyone and stay warm!
Nic xx

*Source and more general information about pashminas for those who want to know


  1. Ashtynne says:

    I’ve been in need of a heavy winter coat and Canada Goose was at the top of my list. I also tend to be chilly; slightly disappointed to hear its not warm enough on its own though. Uniqulo has also been on my radar. Loved this roundup and that it included non-beauty items. The tindra bags look super cozy; hating that it gets dark so early. xx

    • caprinic says:

      Happy to hear you didn’t mind the lack of beauty items in this post! Must be a first for me but I had to be honest- these are 5 things I don’t go without! How cold does it get where you live? The Canada Goose jacket works well on its own up to a few minus degrees (celsius) but any colder and I do feel I need the extra layer of Uniqlo down. Then again, I used to work outside a lot when I worked at a school (my dept wanted the kids to get as much fresh air as possible regardless of weather!) so keep that in mind. It could still be warm enough for you 🙂 But like you, I was disappointed when I realised it wasn’t as warm as it seems to be, it’s not the cheapest jacket on the market! Can definitely recommend Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down, glad they have them every year. I wear mine from autumn through to spring so definitely a good one to have around 🙂 Tindra bags are indeed super cozy, certainly helps perk up the early darkness! Xx

      • Ashtynne says:

        Not the cheapest at all! I’ve been saving up to invest in a good winter coat because I never want to leave the house in the winter. The cold is almost.. painful. I sound like a complainer/pansy, but it sucks. I like to go ice fishing with my boyfriend in the winter and last year was hard; even with 10 layers; multiple leggings & tights, jeans and sweatpants with multiple tanks, long sleeves, sweatshirts & coat on top(NO JOKE). It’s been super cold in Michigan; last year it got down to -20 F(-29C)!! The temps are already down to 22 F (-5 C) during the day and it’s only going to get colder. I hated that they made me go outside for recess as a kid (same idea here; get the kids out for as much fresh air as possible despite the weather) I’d freeze my little toosh off. Think I’ll be picking up a Uniqulo; layering two coats is a great idea. Still not sure if Canada Goose is worth the price.. I’ve been stocking up on lots of candles & firewood; it definitely helps with the winter blues.

  2. Tamara Brittain (@TamaraBrittain) says:

    I am also a chilly person lol, I couldn’t survive without my uniqlo jacket, I live in it from autumn and almost till summer 🙂 it is really hard to pick just five things isn’t it? I also noticed how neither of us mention gloves, but in winter I don’t leave without them. So glad it hardly ever gets below zero here or I would need three jackets 😉

    • caprinic says:

      Uniqlo jacket is da bomb! Haha yeah I was contemplating gloves but like you said, picking 5 was really hard but it would definitely have been my 6th! Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Liv, lovely to meet you on here! Yes, you must check out prickly pear seed oil, it’s truly quite amazing. I think it’s due to the high linoleic acid content as opposed to oleic, think my skin prefers this ratio 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! Look forward to connecting with you through our blogs 🙂 Happy weekend!

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