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A few months ago I was having a delightful Skype conversation with Galina of A Curious Russian In London (whom I endearingly call G) where after chatting about everything imaginable we landed on accessories (inevitable girl talk). She told me about a brand that creates custom bracelets based on chakra tests that you take online; the recipient won’t fully know the design or the look of it until it arrives but that is part of the allure and mystery. G went on to describe her experience and how it was the first time that she had fully connected with a piece so strongly, like it was emitting some kind of energy.  I was instantly hooked and after we hung up I went straight to The Indigo Reign website, run by the ever so lovely and inspirational Blaire Porter. My first impressions are best articulated in this Instagram post and I am still loving my beautiful custom bracelet several months on.

the indigo reign organic obsessions custom bracelet

Apart from creating a custom piece based on either the chakra or “desired feelings” test, you can also request Blaire to do an energy reading. I honestly can’t say what I loved more, the bracelet or the reading. It was so spot on and touched upon sensitive areas in my life with such love, warmth and openness. It was like receiving a letter from a dear friend who knew exactly the right words to use to get you to think beyond your current situation. In sum, I was pretty blown away and this is why I believe Blaire’s work is so incredibly special and unique, something which will be revealed more of below.

After receiving my bracelet I knew I had to interview Blaire to know more about the loving and beautiful work she does. I was fascinated by the energy reading aspect and wanted to know more about this process along with how it surely must affect her. So without further ado, I have the great pleasure of sharing more of Blaire’s story in her own words in the interview below. I think you will find it very hard not to be inspired by her wise, loving and beautiful soul.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how it all manifested in becoming The Indigo Reign. Who is Blaire Porter?

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I played sports all my life and headed out to Brooklyn, NY when I was 17 for college. I played softball in college and had a pretty good athletic career (if I do say so myself!). After college, I kind of floated around. I bartended, worked in some offices and I kept having this feeling that at some point, everything would make sense. I never felt that hopeless “I don’t want to do this forever” (though I DID feel stuck often) – I KNEW something else would unfold for me, and it did.

In early 2013, in a matter of a week, I lost my job, car, license, and apartment. The funny thing is that none of this involved drinking and driving, running out of money, not paying my rent or getting fired. It was literally just the universe intervening on every level of my life and fast tracking me to where I was supposed to be. It was devastating at the time, but I also met my current partner around the same time who introduced me to an energy intuitive, and the rest is history. My life instantly made sense when I found my spiritual path and I am SO grateful for that week when everything fell apart.

the indigo reign blaire porter organic obsessions

Your idea to sell jewelry based on chakra and desired feelings tests is quite unique from what I know – how does it work for those who are new to it?

Well, you take the test online, which by all my feedback, is SUPER accurate. I then use a pendulum (a device that can read energy, distance being irrelevant) and I check the results. The test can tell me whether something is underactive, open or overactive. It cannot read imbalances, so for example, if someone’s heart chakra is underactive, I explore that further with a pendulum. Most often, it is imbalanced and there is no issue with giving love, but they may have a hard time with self-love. And you need both for an open heart chakra. I am also able to see if the issue occurred in the past or more recently.

From there, I pick gemstones that correspond with the test results. Everything has a vibration; this includes thoughts, feelings, colors, chakras and objects. The vibration of the root chakra is different than that of the crown chakra. So if the root chakra is underactive, I use a stone that has a vibration that is in alignment with the root. Then, when wearing the jewelry, that vibration is brought into the energetic and spiritual bodies, which manifest physically as well.

Can you tell us a bit more about the energy readings?  How are they done and what process does it start within yourself?  Mine was filled with so much wisdom and advice pertaining to my own personal experience which really surprised me…it’s amazing that this can be done from halfway across the world!

I am so glad it resonated with you. Honestly, it can be super nerve wracking to not meet or talk to someone and write some very personal stuff and then send it off. But I just have to trust myself and what I receive, which is definitely easier said than done. Right when I sit down to do the reading (and sometimes even days leading up to it) there will be a general feeling. For example, if I am procrastinating it, I am picking up their energy (usually a lower vibe associated with it). It took me a long time to pick up on that actually and be able to work with it.

The process has gotten a bit smoother for me, especially when I get some info and have a picture to read as well. I typically just start feeling things, sometimes it is a physical sensation, sometimes a memory comes to me, sometimes it is just a knowing. One thing that I know has helped me is all of my experiences, dark and light. I have always had a deep understanding of people and do not need to know too much about someone to really understand them – I guess it is just getting a feel for their nature. But what has helped is that when someone writes about a romantic situation, I have never once said “I have never experienced that.” Because I have really run the gamut on life, love, family, work, etc. in my not so many years. And this helps because as someone who has worked through a lot of that, I am really able to meet someone where they are at and give them things that can help them move through whatever they are experiencing. I also consider myself a gatherer of wisdom, knowledge, modalities, etc. – which helps me recommend things that feel they would resonate with the person I am reading for.

How do you choose the stones for each custom order?

Well it depends on the chakra test results, their favorite colors (and not so favorite colors). MOST of my orders like purple and blue, so there is a lot of amethyst and amazonite/aquamarine action. But also, most people have an underactive root chakra, so I pretty much always have to use either black tourmaline, pyrite or hematite (all root chakra stones). There is some intuition involved, for example, if I feel someone has an abundance issue that they didn’t mention, I will try to fit a prosperity stone in as well. Sometimes it is hard to get in everything I want to use!

the indigo reign organic obsessions

Have you ever come across wanting to use a stone colour that a customer claims they really dislike and if so, what do you do in such cases?

Yes I have actually! It can be a bummer especially if I think it will be beautiful, but most often, I can find a stone that is similar that is in a shade they like. Labradorite is a HUGE lifesaver for me because it works with multiple chakras, including the solar plexus. Most women have underactive solar plexus chakras but they say they don’t like warm colors so citrine (yellow) is automatically out. Therefore labradorite comes in handy often. I really try to use colors people want, they are trusting me to make something without seeing it and I don’t want to disappoint! One of the first orders I ever made used too many dark colors (and she was a fan of bright) and I still feel really bad about it. She didn’t say anything but I didn’t have a good feeling. So since then I put their likes at the top of my priority list.

How do you ensure that your own energy isn’t drained/lessened with what you do?

Taking my time. I do feel bad sometimes because the wait for custom pieces has gotten to be about 2 weeks, but it is a process. I have gotten A LOT better with self-care and learning how to relax, which I think is going to help my turn-around time. One way I am different than other “sensitive people” is that you probably won’t hear me talking about how intense the energy is or whatever. There have been a few times when I have been SO caught off guard by someone’s sad energy that I just burst into tears, but I do have this very brash sense about myself as well. Like my attitude is very much “you won’t affect me” because I spent my whole life absorbing other people’s stuff, doing this work has been empowering in the way that I can separate myself now.

Why is it important to pay attention to our chakras and how can someone who is just learning about them incorporate this awareness into their lives? I’m quite new to it myself and I often hear about “opening your chakras”; how does one do this?

I’ve found the word ‘chakra’ alone can elicit eye rolls because the Western stigma around the chakra system is that it’s impractical, not grounded in reality, etc. However the chakra system is really just the state of your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. Here is an excerpt from Deepak Chopra’s website that perfectly explains the chakra system: “Chakras are swirling wheels of energy that correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is moving, it’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. Think of something as simple as your bathtub drain. If you allow too much hair to go into the drain, the bathtub will back up with water, stagnate and eventually bacteria and mold will grow. So it is too with our bodies and the chakras.”

So imagine you experience heartbreak, which directly affects the heart chakra. If the feelings surrounding the experience are not processed and released, they will create a “blockage” which will throw other chakras out of balance. You may start feeling bad about yourself and your behavior changes (solar plexus); you may become withdrawn and not speak your mind anymore (throat chakra); or you may feel like you lost your future, everything you counted on to be stable (root chakra). If these things continue, they can manifest physically (dis-ease can lead to disease). So solar plexus issues can lead to digestive issues, throat chakra imbalance can lead to thyroid issues or strep throat. It all just depends on who you are, what you are being asked to heal.

We can’t expect to always have all 7 chakras open – they are constantly responding to our environment and experiences, but we do want to remove chronic blockages. However, since everyone is different, there is no cookie cutter solution. It is best to work with an intuitive, healer, spiritual therapist or guide when trying to figure out where to begin.

the indigo reign organic obsessions

What’s your favourite stone and why?

Amazonite and Celestite. Their colors are beautiful and their properties even more beautiful. Amazonite is one I am always using in my wraps because people always list teal/blues as their favorite color. The healing it brings is amazing – it enhances intuition, balances masculine and feminine energies, heals emotional trauma, helps one speak their truth.

How can gemstones help with specific issues we experience in our lives?

Every single thing on this planet has a vibration – from the desk you sit at, to the tree in the backyard, to the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel. This includes gemstones! So say we have a “disruption” in our frequency. (We may be sick, depressed, anxious or repressed – anything really). What the gemstone does is emit “pure patterns” which brings the disruption into balance.

Some people probably don’t believe a lot of this, that it is woowoo so how would you explain the beauty and mystery of what you do to them?

Tough question. I used to think it was really important that everyone understood, even beyond that, try to convince them. But what I’ve found is that the people who are meant to be spiritual, find it. The people who signed up for it in this lifetime are not able to escape it. And not everyone does sign up for it! So I really only try explaining it when I sense that the person asking needs the information for their own path. If I sense they won’t be able to take my experiences as true, then I don’t bother so much. Some of us have spent many lives in touch with our spirituality and true nature, but others have not. And that is totally okay! I have actually found that when it comes to concepts like the chakra system, I have a very deep knowing and understanding, but I often find myself incapable of explaining it. I know it on a soul level and the work and process is very familiar to me – honestly, it’s like eating or sleeping. So to me it’s like if someone asked me why they need to eat, I’d be like “it’s life giving!” I certainly wouldn’t be the one to break down the science of it. And that’s exactly how I view spirituality and the chakra system. It’s life giving! But not all are meant to walk that path right now and in this life.

the indigo reign organic obsessions

Some practical tips we should keep in mind when wearing/taking care of our jewelry? What are the dos and don’ts?  For example, I sleep with mine, is that ok?  Is there anything we can do to amplify our piece’s power?

Sleeping with them is great! I say to not wear them in the shower but that is simply to preserve the longevity of the other materials (string and metal). Gemstones charge in natural substances: earth, water, moonlight and sunlight. So setting them in the moonlight (full moon is best) is great. I also have a charging bundle that you can use by just putting the bracelet on top of the other crystals.

There is news that you are expanding your work; what can we expect from The Indigo Reign going forward?

I am! I was really pushing myself this summer to do it, but I finally had to accept it was not the right time. I am hoping for this fall. When I told a teacher this she said “well if we are living according to the seasons, the summer is when we harvest what we have already planted.” That was like a light bulb, I had been creating a lot of resistance trying to plant during harvest time! So this fall, I hope to expand into healing programs done over Skype or the phone. Think of it like an ongoing energy reading to bring you closer to yourself and your true nature. The plans will be one month long with weekly sessions and a “prescription” for the week. I would also love to begin doing mediumship sessions soon.

Where do you source your stones from and how important is it to you?

Sourcing is important to me, but not AS important as the intention and energy I bring to them. Rocks come from all over the world and are handled by lots of different types of people (greedy, sad, etc) as it is just like any other industry. So I make sure to cleanse and love them when I get them. I am really lucky to know someone who has been in the rock world for a long time, and he has introduced me to a lot of wonderful and loving people, so I have faith in where I have gotten them.

One of the first times I made a big purchase was here in Seattle. I was a bit too excited at the time and did not check in with myself about who was selling them (early business, silly mistakes). After I bought them, I found out that he sneaks into quarries and mines quartz without permission. I ended up cleansing them of their origin and not using them at all.

the indigo reign organic obsessions

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

I loooooove getting to connect with new people. Which is why I want to start doing Skype and phone sessions. I am not the best emailer, and even though I want to be in conversation with people I have met, I often take way too long to get back to people. I think I want to have a WhatsApp account where people can reach me immediately or scheduled phone calls more. I definitely work best when there is some immediacy, so I am trying to incorporate that more. I spend a lot of my free time helping people and working with people, I love it THAT much and I consider all these people I have spoken to/worked with friends. I want more of that!

Aaaand feel the inspiration! I don’t know about you but I was moved by Blaire’s answers and I can’t wait to follow her expansion. If you’re at all intrigued (and I can’t see you not being so!) then do head over to her website and take a browse. The chakra test is free and you can take it regardless of whether you purchase anything. When I got my bracelet and energy reading my fiancé was so intrigued that he wanted to get one done for himself. He was equally smitten with his piece and his reading was incredibly accurate…freakishly so. I honestly can’t get over the magic that Blaire spreads with her work and if you’re also into mindful, one-of-a-kind experiences that are so refreshing and far removed from mass production then you will love The Indigo Reign.

Follow Blaire on the following social media platforms to be in the know:

Instagram: @theindigoreign
Twitter: @theindigoreign
Facebook: Indigo Reign

Thank you so much Blaire for sharing your story and giving me the opportunity to help spread your love and light further in a world that needs it so.

*All photos apart from the first one are courtesy of The Indigo Reign


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