The Super Couple of Green Beauty

Nihao from Hong Kong!  What a fabulous few days it has been and we’re almost halfway through our holiday here – it’s been absolutely wonderful to revisit old haunts and though much has changed in the last 9 years since my fiancé and I were here, a lot has also remained the same. Not least the hustle and bustle that gives this city girl energy and life but also the general atmosphere.  If you’ve never been to HK I highly recommend putting it on your bucket list, and though it’s now part of China it’s still very much different from the mainland.  But this is not a travel post despite it seeming that way 😉 but my thoughts on this month’s Beauty Heroes discovery which I just couldn’t refrain writing about since it’s very soon your last chance to try January’s selection.  And it’s one you don’t want to miss, especially if you’ve been pondering trying it.

To recap, Beauty Heroes is a monthly beauty subscription box where you sign up for 3/6/12 months at a time.  Each box retails for $39 (+ shipping if you live outside the US) which is an amazing deal since the value of the box is always so much more.  To give the most obvious example, in December of 2015 subscribers received a full size bottle of Vintner’s Daughter which otherwise costs $185!  Brilliant or what? That particular box didn’t come with a sidekick product (for obvious reasons) but other boxes do so you always get to try a full size Hero product along with 1-2 deluxe samples from the brand being featured that month.  I joined Beauty Heroes back in the autumn of 2015 and I couldn’t be happier for doing so.  I’ve loved nearly all the boxes and have written about a number of the products I’ve tried thanks to Beauty Heroes on the blog.  It’s a fantastic way to be introduced to brands and products that you may otherwise not get round to buying, either because of the regular hefty price tag or because it’s a product that you just wouldn’t think to buy for yourself.  There have been several items that have become firm favourites which I wouldn’t have thought to try if it hadn’t been for Beauty Heroes.  The philosophy behind it, Use Less Love More, is also one that resonates with me where we are encouraged to discover one beauty product slowly over the course of a month in lieu of trying a plethora of products that just accumulate.  The entire concept spoke to me from the start and as soon as international shipping opened up I jumped onboard the Beauty Heroes bandwagon.  If you’re interested in reading more about some of the past products then have a look here, here, here and here.

With the start of a new year Beauty Heroes founder, Jeannie Jarnot, also made some changes to what we have all come to know and love with the arrival of our monthly beauty boxes; the dinky Saskia hero masks. They have been retired and replaced with something that is more deeply aligned with the brand’s ethos and mission which can only be lauded.  Jeannie was battling with her conscience regarding the sustainability issue and in the end, she did the only right thing.  In lieu of the masks, every box now comes with a Herogram card that will carry the higher vision of Beauty Heroes through inspirational quotes and rituals. Another change is that everything is now printed on New Leaf paper which is 100% post-consumer recycled fiber, Ancient Forest Friendly and processed chlorine-free.  They also use up to 80% less water compared to virgin wood fiber papers and is the industry leader in developing paper to high sustainability standards.  In other words, Jeannie has really made sure to use resources that are truly in line with her vision and mission for Beauty Heroes being a sustainable brand delivering healthy beauty worldwide.

Back to January’s Hero selection!  When I found out which brand and product would be featured I couldn’t have been more excited.  2016 saw both getting a lot of hype and exposure and though I usually remain somewhat cool in the face of those things, the allure with this particular product was too strong.  I’m speaking of none other than Maya Chia’s The Super Couple.  The main reason is due to the inclusion of one of the star ingredients, astaxanthin.  This particular ingredient is not new to me at all since it garnered a lot of hype (and I mean A LOT) in Japan already 10 years or so ago.  I remember living in Osaka and seeing it being mentioned everywhere from skincare to supplements so when I saw that Maya Chia had used it I was very intrigued. I’d never used anything with it myself despite the attention it was getting in Japan (and this was also waaaaay before my skincare obsessed days…ergo interest was minimal) so with the launch of The Super Couple I thought it was perhaps time for me to dip my toes into this very hyped about ingredient and see what all the fuss was about. Said to benefit the skin in numerous ways, astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce spots, freckles and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and moisture as well as maintain smooth, luminous skin.  The gorgeous is-it-pink-or-is-it-orange colour of the serum is thanks to this superpower ingredient that can be found in Pacific sockeye salmon, algae, krill, lobster and shrimp amongst others.  It has also been said to improve eye, heart and cellular health as well as your immune system – maybe not something that The Super Couple will help you with but beauty and health do start from the inside so eating your share of fish and shellfish and applying Maya Chia’s serum isn’t such a bad combination perhaps 😉

The other superstar ingredient is chia seed oil and not just any but a supercritically extracted version that is patented to Maya Chia. What does this mean?  It means that it’s of the highest quality as this particular extraction ensures that the oil itself has been minimally processed so as to keep it as close in purity and concentration to the whole plant.  You can read more about it on Beauty Heroes’ website here.

The serum itself is oil-based and sinks in beautifully once applied.  It doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all.  I do feel that it’s not moisturising enough on its own in the cold and dry climate of Sweden so I have to layer with a water-based serum and moisturiser, however I can’t say that I’ve needed to do so here in Hong Kong.  Going into my fourth week of The Super Couple I have to say I’m impressed, and happy that my expectations of it have been met (unlike Vintner’s which was simply ok).  Overall and with diligent daily use I would say that my skin feels soft and supple, with a sustained brightness and glow that can be challenging to maintain during the darker months of the year, particularly in the North.  I dare say this is one product that I will be getting once it’s finished as I love the results but also the beautiful composition of ingredients. On top of chia seed oil and astaxanthin, The Super Couple contains the likes of jasmine, rose, chamomile, frankincense and lavender to mention a few on the superstar roster.

If it hadn’t been for Beauty Heroes, I would only have gotten round to The Super Couple eventually.  If you’re like me and you’ve been waiting to try, I wouldn’t wait too much longer, not if you want to avoid parting with $85 for 30ml.  If you join before the 20th (which is um, tomorrow!) you can try this beauty for only $39 – already a steal but even more so together with the sidekick, the Waterless Wonder Balm with a scent that is limited edition and exclusive to Beauty Heroes.  This was my in-flight travel companion when my hands and the area around my nose were feeling a bit worse for wear.  My favourite way to use it has been as a hand balm as it sinks in quickly and leaves behind a beautiful fresh scent of citrus and vetiver.  I don’t know what the original one smells like but this one is gorgeous so I hope it becomes a mainstay  in the Maya Chia line.

Regardless of the Brand Ambassador title, I do not write about products that my skin doesn’t agree with.  I also avoid writing reviews where I haven’t had enough time to test out a product properly.  Almost four weeks in with The Super Couple I would say that it doesn’t fall into either.  I wasn’t sure if I would get round to posting anything during my stay in Hong Kong as eating dim sum and catching some sales have taken priority (!) but I couldn’t let it pass beyond the 20th as then the serum would only be available at full price.  It’s my duty to my green beauty sisters to inform of a good deal when I see one 😉  If you’re ready to take a (small) plunge, January’s Beauty Heroes discovery can be purchased here.

Did you get The Super Couple?  What were your thoughts?  I’d love to hear in the comments!

*Full disclosure to be read here.  Post contains some affiliate links.

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