The Haircare From Heaven | Innersense Organic Beauty With the risk of totally jinxing myself, I think I may have found my #holygrail shampoo and conditioner! Say whaaaa…5 years since I stepped into the magical world of green beauty and countless shampoos and conditioners later, I think the Hydrating Cream Hairbath and Hydrating Cream Conditioner from Innersense Organic Beauty are IT. I honestly do not say this lightly as I’ve been disappointed many a times and have therefore become somewhat disillusioned (proof being the dearth of shampoo reviews on this blog), but the Hydrate Collection is in a league of its own. If anyone was wondering, this post will be me love-bombing the products and the brand. You know, just in case that wasn’t already obvious 😉

The collection I will be gushing about below is what you’ll find in this month’s Beauty Heroes box for the ridiculous subscription value of $38. Total value of the box however is $106! I don’t know how Beauty Heroes does it each and every month but they truly deliver some of the best green gems in the industry to us beauty enthusiasts, and I get equally excited every month when my box arrives. I am forever thankful that Jeannie opened up for international shipping in 2015 which allowed me to become a member and now later, an ambassador. I feel like a bit of a broken record about this but for those who are unfamiliar with Beauty Heroes it works like this. You pick a 3/6/12 month subscription and get a beauty box delivered to your door every month. On the first of each month Beauty Heroes announces the brand and full size Hero Product(s) featured along with its Sidekick(s) giving you ample time to really test the products and hopefully fall in love with them. No itty bitty samples here but real full-on full sizes. Yes to that! Beauty Heroes’ philosophy is centered around using less and loving more and the whole experience of the box is truly built around that. I can name numerous products that have become firm skincare favourites thanks to them being featured as the Hero Product, and having the time to really discover it through many weeks of testing. International green beauties needn’t worry either as they ship to an atlas of countries (check out if yours is listed here) and thank the universe for that. Whether you are new to green beauty or a seasoned beauty buff, Beauty Heroes makes it easy for everyone to become more mindful about the products they use. The company has a very strict policy on what they will allow and a brand must be well and truly clean to be featured. To read more about their Villain and Superpower Ingredients click on the aforementioned highlighted words 🙂 Going green and clean has never been easier and it’s truly such a fun way to discover new brands and products.

Now that the broken record has been fixed let’s talk hair. The Hydrate Collection says it’s formulated for dry, thirsty tresses which admittedly concerned me a little at first. I definitely don’t have dry, thirsty hair but I’m beginning to think I have a dry and thirsty scalp. If you ask me to describe my hair type I would say it’s oily (not helped by me running fingers through it constantly either but hey) and quite straight. I have in-between thickness meaning it’s neither thick nor thin but again, the key word really is oily. Like an oil slick. Like oil. Like…ok you get it. As far away from dry as you can get so I remained quietly hopeful that the Hydrating Cream Hairbath would actually work on my finicky mane. Personally, I can tell how successful a shampoo will be from the first wash and even from the first rinse. HCH performed beautifully with my wet hair feeling neither stripped nor oily (the last shampoo I’ve been using made it feel as though I had just washed it in olive oil). The calming scent of vanilla and sage adds to the whole experience and I am totally honest when I say that shampooing has become such a joy, not only for the sensory experience but also for the results that I see and that I continue to get with each use. I think many of you are curious to know exactly what kind of results some of you can expect (again, not every amazing product will work for everyone) so here is a bullet list:

  • shiny, soft hair
  • perfect amount of hydration to hair and scalp (great for those with oily hair types)
  • volume! VOLUME! VOLUUUUME!
  • less flakiness and itchiness
  • longer time between washes
  • new found love for your hair! (it’s been a bit so-so on that end from my part so I’m sure my hair is appreciating it!)

What surprised me the most is probably the volume and lightness I am getting with a product that is marketed as hydrating. I really wasn’t expecting that. And speaking of hydration, Innersense really chose the perfect word for this collection (despite my initial reservations) because it’s not overly nourishing or moisturising (which makes an oily-haired gal like myself run for the hills) but simply, hydrating. Enough hydration to quench my poor scalp’s thirst (which might explain the oily hair) without weighing it down but instead providing unexpected volume coupled with bounce, softness and shine. I mean, what doesn’t this shampoo do, honestly?? In order to give a thorough review I have also been using the two conditioners and lo and behold, they just complement one another so well. Once again, being Chairwoman of the Oil Committee has meant that conditioners are viewed with much skepticism and a raised eyebrow – the Hydrating Cream Conditioner makes my mane soft and the Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner gives my scalp a touch of extra hydration (just in case) that it seems to need and my hair has not been happier. I have not been happier. I’ve left my hair to dry naturally as well as blow drying it on those mornings when I need to and the result has been the same – happy, healthy, soft locks. I live by the philosophy not to expect too much because I feel that can often lead to disappointment, so when something totally exceeds your expectations that sweet feeling of unexpected pleasure just magnifies the experience. This was definitely the case.

Innersense Organic Beauty is a brand that I have been following on social media but I hadn’t gotten round to trying any of their products until now. With the launch of their new Hydrate Collection (taking over 2 years to perfect by the way), they have also totally redesigned their packaging and branding and it’s just so beautiful. It totally appeals to the luxe lover in me 😉 I feel that the gorgeous tall, slim bottles with their logo adorned in gold truly reflects their story and inspiration. Raising a daughter with a rare genetic disorder led the founders, Greg and Joanne Starkman, on a journey that most certainly took a lot out of them but has also given so much back. Using their products I can really feel that it’s about so much more than surface haircare, it’s about nurturing yourself and trusting your inner sense. Theirs has led to creating a haircare line that doesn’t compromise on quality, efficacy or health. You can rest assured that when you hairbath (officially a verb now) you are doing so with the best ingredients that are organic, wild-harvested and biodynamic. And your hair will be proof of that. I’ve been trying to play with my hair less but I’m afraid that’s a challenge with Innersense products because you just can’t get over how amazing your hair feels.

Before I sign off on yet another long post so you can get your hands on this amazing deal as well, I do have to mention some of the ingredients. Because they are gorgeous and unlike anything you’d see in conventional products or otherwise (step away from the Head ‘n’ Shoulders, I repeat step away!). Both the shampoo and conditioner include hydrating aloe vera together with the big names in Oil; avocado, coconut and shea for softening and nourishment. Don’t be afraid of that last word! Tamanu and sage essential oils are included to help balance oil for a healthy scalp with visible and palpable reduction of flakiness and itchiness. Through an intelligent formula Innersense has successfully created a shampoo that simultaneously deeply feeds your hair with nourishing nutrients while still, mysteriously, remaining light-weight enough for this Chairwoman to lower her eyebrow and see her skepticism wash away down the drain regarding hydrating products.

Beauty Heroes also discloses an Expert Beauty Ritual with the 3 full-sized Hero Products that can be indulged in and yes, you’ll have to subscribe to get the deets on that 😉 This month’s Sidekick is another full size Innersense product, namely their Harmonic Healing Oil. My man is currently testing this out more than me and he reports that his scalp doesn’t feel as itchy and dry and he experiences less flakiness from his psoriasis. He also feels that the oil diminishes the need for extra product in his hair (he has chin length hair at the moment…my wild hunk haha) and it feels light and soft. Win-win! I see this bottle disappearing from our bathroom with his next business trip…a small sacrifice to make his routine a little greener 🙂

If you’ve been debating whether to join the #BeautyHeroesTribe I wouldn’t sit this one out. The products you will receive in this month’s box are truly exceptional and I for one do not plan to be without them. Another great thing with Beauty Heroes is that they rotate the type of products they feature which means haircare this month, maybe a decadent body oil next (which it won’t be because February saw Osmia‘s luscious Night Body Oil, no spoilers here!). Each box this month comes with a sweet inspiration card lovingly added by Innersense – mine read “I open my heart to love”. What a beautiful sentiment; one that can be read in various ways. You will find that all their products have a loving and nurturing message to engage the user in and that is something that appeals to my emotional, connecting self. Yet another stellar beauty discovery courtesy of Beauty Heroes in collaboration with Innersense Organic Beauty. Rumours are this beautiful box is selling out fast so you know what to do if you haven’t already 😉 This is truly the haircare from heaven.

*Post contains some affiliate links however all love-bombing is my own as are all thoughts of my personal experience of the products, regardless of affiliation. Full disclaimer can be read here.

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