The Art of Organics and Claire Molyneaux

The art of clean beauty.  Something that Art of Organics and its beautiful founder, Claire Molyneaux, seems to achieve with the most sublime ease.  From the artistic illustrations (always different!) that adorn each box and carry a story of the illustrator behind it, to the gorgeously curated beauty products that lie within.  Nothing is left to chance and the attention to detail and design is truly felt with each #cleanbeautybox.

When you find out that Claire has a background in working as a buyer at Anthropologie, her fine aesthetic and passion for design make sense.  No doubt this experience honed her various skills, artistic as pragmatic and it was a path she was meant to travel in order to get to Art of Organics. And we are lucky she did!  I first came in contact with Claire when I approached her for an interview for The Peridot – through our emails back and forth we got to know each other and the energy that always enveloped me through her words has forever endeared her to me.  Funny, inspiring, down-to-earth and generous, Claire is someone you just can’t help liking and wanting to support.  So when she asked me to become Brand Ambassador for Art of Organics it was a no-brainer.  Of course I love the chance to try some amazing brands and products but the decision to say yes really came down to who Claire is and her work in making beauty more mindful and self-loving. Connections with people make up the fabric of life; if we are also introduced to beautiful products and rituals through such connections then we must truly count our blessings.

So what is Art of Organics and how does the Clean Beauty Box differ from others in the market?  As with any subscription box, you sign up to have clean beauty delivered to your doorstep every month.  AOO currently offers monthly subscription which renews every 30 days, along with 3, 6 and 12 month plans.  Each box reveals 2-4 full size products that are carefully curated for their organic, natural and cruelty-free credentials.  Needless to say we aren’t going to see anything that would be harmful to you or the environment in these creative cartons.  I personally would have subscribed much sooner if it weren’t for the fact that AOO only shipped within the US until last August.  I think I kept asking about it being made available to internationals more than a few times!

The price point is extremely reasonable and affordable too.  Remember you get 2-4 full size products (I have a hard time for samples, believe it or not) – for only $39/month with a value of $70+ (add $15 for overseas shipping).  I’m not one to name-drop but if I say SkinOwl, Precious Skin Elixirs, Leahlani, One Love Organics, Osmia, Province Apothecary and more and you know your green beauty, then you know that you’ll be hard pressed to find a collection of products from all of those brands that you can get for only $39.  I’d says it’s nigh impossible.  Just sayin’. I will be going into more detail about December’s box below which is just a GEM and if that doesn’t make you want to subscribe!…I will leave the rest unsaid.

Another detail that cannot be left out and that deserves a special mention is Claire’s desire to support illustrators by having them design the feature print (the beautiful paper that is wrapped around the box…almost always too pretty to remove!).  If you follow AOO on Instagram you will see posts that highlight the illustrator’s work and their inspiration.  I love that Claire makes this extra detail to support another artist’s professional medium an integral part of the Clean Beauty Box, giving it a deeper and more mindful meaning.  And all this before you’ve even had a chance to open it!  It also creates excitement for what is to come next.  One thing is for sure, you know that it will visually enhance your Art of Organics experience.  Like I mentioned at the start, nothing is left to chance.

Claire wants to elevate your skincare routine to a ritual that is mindful and brings you back to yourself and your senses in an otherwise chaotic and rushed world.  Knowing that so much loving intention goes into the box itself alone sets my ritual up for success, because what is being sent out by the giver is being felt by the receiver.  Mindful.  Intentional.  Loving. Something that, if you’ve been reading my other posts, you know I feel strongly about and is what essentially endears me to a brand and product.  A personal definition of what clean and green beauty means to me.

There is no shortage of praise and love for Claire and what she has accomplished so far with Art of Organics, but I think you may be interested in knowing a bit more about the boxes so let’s get stuck into GEM and the actual gems that comprised the December box 😉

I want to start this sentence off by saying, and the star of the show is…but then I’d have to repeat myself, at least with two of the items.  On top of everything adding to your skincare ritual, every product is also very visually appealing.  Claire’s aesthetic peeking through again as I don’t believe this was a mere coincidence.  Let’s start with the one that was new to me, namely Moon Dust Crystal Charged Detox Mask by The Ritual.  And yes, it really is crystal charged, both with crushed amethyst which acts as a gentle exfoliant while promoting clarity and calmness, and with moonstone that amplifies the mask with its feminine energy.  To use, simply mix with your favourite hydrosol or water in a masking bowl (if you don’t own one I highly recommend it, it takes your masking sessions to another level) and apply over your face with a mask brush.  It dries quite quickly so it’s not a mask that you leave on and forget about and I find that I like to rinse off just before it dries completely.  The powder doesn’t have a scent in the pot but once you activate it with water it releases a sweet smell that I can’t quite place…it’s nice though! And compared to other clay masks, this one has an interestingly gooey-like texture once it’s been mixed.  Since it’s not a product that I use on the daily I honestly can’t speak for its skincare benefits (sorry to disappoint) and most of you know that another mask usually gets the limelight so I will have to come back to it after a few more uses.  It claims to renew and purify skin and obviously, detox.  The inclusion of lavender, German chamomile, rosewood and carrot seed essential oils makes me think it’s going heavy on the antibacterial/detoxifying/anti-inflammatory theme.

The next product may very well be the star of the show, a creation with the decadent nomenclature of 24 Karat Gold Luxe Restorative Balm.  I am quite picky when it comes to my balms and only a select few are really loved and used…this could be entering that sacred fold. With its sunny, bright yellow colour this balm applies beautifully and sinks in to a perfect, soft finish without a hint of greasiness.  A pea-size is enough for my face, together with a generous spritzing of mist/toner to further aid absorption of the balm into the deeper layers of the skin. Is the gold in the name a reference to the colour?  Perhaps but it also does contain gold, colloidal gold in fact, an antioxidant said to improve circulation, brighten the complexion, and repair and intensely hydrate the skin.  I would say check on that after observing my face post-application.  I would also say check on the hydration part as I’ve been on a few country walks in windy conditions that felt like I was being slapped on the cheeks, and it kept my skin wrapped in what could only be described as a facial cashmere blanket.  Sensory-wise, 24K has a truly beautiful rose scent which is something that I normally don’t like at all but Marissa Bethoney nailed it with this one.  Those sensitive to scents can rest assured that it doesn’t linger long – it simply heightens your experience of it during application.  The balm is a little powerhouse when it comes to antioxidant activity with the inclusion of cranberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil and pomegranate oil along with deeply nourishing oils of shea, marula, borage and argan.  A full size of this gem retails for $160 for 50ml and in the box we get to try a 15ml version worth $60. It’s definitely quite a hefty price tag and I don’t know that I would splurge quite so much if it weren’t for the fact that it comes in this box.  So if you want to try it, now would be the time! Since you don’t need a lot this smaller pot will last you a while too.  And that bright yellow is just so uplifting!  Just makes you smile 🙂

Last but certainly not least is the gorgeous rose quartz facial massager.  Funnily enough I had just gotten one in the shape of a wing on Etsy thanks to a conversation I was having with Jana of Small Bits Of Loveliness.  A short while later I found out that a heart-shaped one would be included in GEM and I was thrilled.  Not only because I like collecting beautiful things, but also because I had managed to fall in love with using a facial massager in my skincare ritual.  It definitely aids in improving circulation and helps my products absorb better, at least that’s what I’m feeling and seeing.  I do a simple massage with the tool, using the concave part majority of the time, as the last step in my routine.  Massaging like this, also known as gua sha and stemming from China, is said to break up blood stagnation and help with lymph drainage, removing toxin build-up.  It also helps smoothen fine lines and wrinkles so is purported to be an anti-aging remedy.  Most of all though, I just love the feel of the cool crystal on my skin and it’s become an indispensable part of my self-care ritual.  I use it both mornings and evenings cos one can never have enough of a good thing!  Also, I would recommend massaging with it over a carpet or bathroom mat (anything soft!) in case you drop it.  This way it won’t break.  You’re welcome 😉  Also how cute is the little bag that it comes in?  Details!

I can’t end this post without mentioning the illustrator who created the beautiful print for GEM, Sashira Gafic.  I didn’t know of her work before this box and I love being introduced to new art. Sashira works with watercolours, pen and ink and acrylics and creates some beautiful illustrations based on inspiration from the world around her.  There is a definite geometric influence in her work and I’m particularly enamoured with her gem art which Claire clearly was too.  Check her out here.

There are just a few boxes of GEM available so if you want to give this box a go, email and let them know!  Did you get December’s box?  What was your favourite item?

*Full disclaimer here.  All views, as always, are my own.



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    Aww thanks for the mention! 🙂 I now have two as well, one is broken but I can still use it so I just use both of them at the same time, one on each side of my face. 🙂 Oh and this box looks so gorgeous, like always! xx

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