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Mind-blown. Obsessed. Impressed. In love. These are just some of the words that come to mind when I think about Vapour Organic Beauty’s transformative Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector. It is very aptly named as well because it really does perfect your skin. I’m somewhat against this word in beauty because I feel women are already bombarded with so many tips, tricks, images and advice on how to become more “perfect” that we definitely don’t need more. But I’m also the type of person that calls a spade a spade when it is warranted and well, this product truly does perfect your skin! Can’t really argue with it. Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector is the Hero Product in the Beauty Heroes Seasonal Beauty Discovery box. It’s not part of the usual subscription plan and any one can sign up for it but I would hurry since there’s only a limited number available. The sidekicks included are Aura Multi Use Radiant Classic Blush in EROS and Clarity Organic Makeup Remover, both travel sized. (More on the former below.)

Stratus will leave your skin soft as a feather

Stratus will leave your skin soft as a feather

The exciting new box arrived the day before I departed for Thailand.  I knew it was coming and I was really hoping that it would reach me before my holiday as I was super keen to try Stratus out in a different climate.  Especially when Jeannie mentioned that it may not work as well in heat and humidity. On top of it being tested for warmer weather I also wanted to see if I could consider using this as part of my wedding makeup next year when I will be back in Thailand for our nuptials. Well, I was suitably impressed after first application; it went on like a dream, just like a regular moisturiser with zero tackiness (in fact it feels silken to the touch as soon as you start massaging it in) and within seconds you see how it blurs imperfections and in my case, mattifies a somewhat oilier complexion due to aforementioned climate. Of course, as with many products, initial impression can only last so long and once the hours pass you start to see how it doesn’t hold up…in this case it held up perfectly for several hours in heat and humidity (can’t seem to repeat this enough!), maintaining the glow it gave me from the time I applied it. In fact, my skin looked better the longer I had it on. To say I was impressed and totally smitten is an understatement. I know this is a raved about product of late but from someone who very rarely wears makeup (and almost never foundation, first time this year was for my future sister-in-law’s wedding in September) I feel it deserves extra attention precisely because make up is so often way off my radar. It has to be exceptional for me to be wowed by it and want to use it and Stratus delivered.

I don’t know how Jeannie does it but she has a gift when it comes to selecting some of the best green beauty products on the market which then go on to be loved by many in the #BeautyHeroesTribe. That’s no small feat and even more challenging when putting together a make up box. After some disgruntled feedback due to their June box only featuring make up from Modern Minerals (amazing lip glosses and highlighter reviewed here), Jeannie came up with a solution in the form of the Seasonal Beauty Discovery box, making the choice to discover make up for members optional. I absolutely loved the June box which frankly surprised me since make up as a category doesn’t entice me quite as much as skincare, but Jeannie again proved her curational genius by choosing products that would be universally flattering. I’m very happy that the option to discover make up now exists as June showed me what I was potentially missing out on by not exploring more within this category. Anyhow I digress, back to Stratus!

stratus vapour organic beauty organic obsessions

Described as a “real-life Instagram filter” for your skin by Jeannie, Stratus seriously delivers on this by smoothing your complexion, softening lines and hydrating your skin with superpower ingredients like organic papaya extract (exfoliating, hydrating), camellia seed oil, elderberry fruit (both brightening, anti-aging), and holy basil leaf (brightening, calming) to name a few. Stratus is a moisturising primer that I use as a last step in my self care ritual after applying serums, oils and sunscreen and is a product that I will definitely be using in my wedding make up next year. With its gorgeous pale pink hue, this shade, S904, was created to suit most skin tones and it blends beautifully with my more olive toned skin. The pinkness threw me off a little (although my inner pink fairy squealed with delight!) but I was surprised at how well it adjusted to suit my tone. It has a slight scent that I’m stumped to describe (uplifting and fresh? Nah, won’t bother!) but suffice to say it will always transport me back to tropical Thailand which is a definite bonus. A little goes a long way and I find that half a pump is enough to cover my entire face. If you’re looking for that lit-from-within-glow that lasts for hours and enhances your skin without looking made up then I doubt you will need to look further. Apart from being a high-performing product, Vapour Organic Beauty as a company commits to only using ingredients that are truly skin-loving; organic and wild crafted botanicals that care for, cocoon and nourish your skin. A beautiful synergy of skincare and makeup, precisely the way I like it. Being run by botanical alchemist Krysia Boinis, and artist Kristine Keheley out of their own facility in New Mexico, this is no coincidence. Their signature standard “Lit From Within Glow” is certainly upheld in the products that I was fortunate to try.

If you’re curious about the sidekicks then let me gush about one of them. EROS blush is a beautiful mauve shade that enhances your natural flush and goes on smooth. After a few days of sun in Thailand I was already set with a glow on my cheeks but EROS just added the extra touch which can be seen in this photo where I’m also wearing Stratus. Needless to say I love the colour it imparts! And speaking of the photo, the secret product I mentioned in the caption is now finally revealed in this post where I was mainly referring to Stratus. I truly couldn’t get enough of either during my tropical holiday and I continue loving them both back in colder Swedish climes. Blush is the one make up item that I DO love and have an opinion about so I’m very happy to add to my collection.

aura multi use aura eros vapour organic beauty organic obsessions

As mentioned above, this Seasonal Beauty Discovery is yours to try for a limited time only (once boxes run out, that is it) for a mere $45 (total value of the box is $101) which is a steal since Stratus normally retails for $56. If you’re already a Beauty Heroes subscriber (and why wouldn’t you be is the more important question!), the box is yours for $38.25 plus shipping. Even for those who aren’t that into makeup I truly hope you will give this product a try because it has melted this skincare lover’s heart. Once you start using it I believe you’ll see it as almost any other skincare item, but one that pulls double duty as both skincare and make up. I don’t praise products lightly and only feature items that I truly love and use myself. Stratus is no exception to that rule.

Have you signed up for this box? Let me know your thoughts in the comments if you have! Beauty Heroes also stocks other Vapour Organic Beauty products than the ones mentioned in this post which can be found here. Remember that members save 15% every day in their store.

*Post contains affiliate links. As some of you may know I was recently asked to become part of the Circle of Trust as Brand Ambassador. A part of this is being affiliated which means that if you click on one of the links and fulfil a purchase, I receive a small compensation on the sale. Nothing that will turn me into Bill Gates but a small token for the time and energy spent promoting brands and products that I love. I have added a separate disclaimer page where I go into more detail on what this means for you as a reader but essentially, nothing changes. My stance from this blog’s inception has been to only promote that which I love and use myself and this won’t change going forward. Transparency and honesty is important to me as I hope they are to you.


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