RADIANT | February’s Art Of Organics box

Ok, where do I even start with this one? This is one beautiful box! Not only for the two full size products contained within but also for the packaging upgrade. For those who subscribe to Art of Organics, you will notice that the illustrative print paper going round the box is now of a sturdier material held together by the dinkiest little logo sticker. The AOO logo is now also printed on the box lid, changes that may seem small but as I mentioned in this post, with Claire Molyneaux the founder, it’s all in the details. I don’t know about you but I’m loving the upgrade.

For those unfamiliar with Art of Organics, it’s a #cleanbeautybox that delivers healthy beauty to your door every month for the very reasonable price of $39 (+ $15 for international shipping), consisting of 2-4 full size products where the value is usually over $70. There is also the option to subscribe for 3/6/12 months at $117/$219/$429 respectively and when you sign up for your very first box you get a 10% discount. The 6 and 12 months subscriptions work out to be slightly cheaper than if you were to renew your subscription monthly – the 6 months lands you a $15 decrease and the 12 months actually gives you a box for free if you compare it to paying $39 every month for a year. Some may argue that it’s a hefty investment and I can’t say that a beauty subscription box is high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, but if you were to break down exactly how much you spend regularly on beauty products you may be surprised to find that you’re already paying more. Every little bit adds up. Keep in mind as well that you’re getting high quality products for a steal (this month’s box alone is valued at $94) so in that sense you’re able to indulge in beautiful brands for a fraction of the real cost. The product range also varies so you get to try various types of products without having an unnecessary stash build up. For more info on the boxes click here. Members also receive a 15% discount whenever they shop in the Store.

Now, let’s talk RADIANT. February’s box is valued at $94 as mentioned above, containing de Mamiel’s Dewy Facial Mist (retail price $70) and Henné Organics’ Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator (retail price $24). Both brands are ones that I love even if I haven’t explored as much of the de Mamiel line as I would have liked but it’s certainly on my To Do list! When it was announced what was being featured in this month’s box I just knew it would be amazing, despite not knowing more about the Dewy Facial Mist because de Mamiel is not loved and gushed over for nothing in the green beauty sphere.

My first encounter with the beautiful English skincare line was through the Restorative Cleansing Balm. Many of you know what my HG cleansing product is these days but de Mamiel’s is one that I can recommend as well. With its deliciously soothing scent of lemon and honey with a hint of eucalyptus, it does a great job of eliminating a day’s accumulated dirt in a gentle yet effective way. The success I had with this product made me want to try more of the line so consider my delight at receiving the Altitude Oil from the super service-minded online green beauty store Alice & White. It’s been a lifesaver on long-haul flights and now my man has kidnapped it for his numerous business trips – guess he knows a good thing when he sees it 😉 Fast forward to a little while ago, when I saw that the Dewy Facial Mist would be gracing my life I was more than a little excited knowing the high quality and standards the brand goes by.

Since I haven’t been using the mist long enough I can’t guarantee its performance but first impression has me all googly eyes. The scent is absolutely lovely, like a fresh spring day skilfully captured in a bottle providing a calming, aromatherapeutic experience. When I unscrewed the cap to have a little sniff I got a rose-peach kind of scent but when misted onto face it’s more delicate and complex than that. For me, there is no single ingredient that comes out stronger, it really is a beautiful mixture of all parts coming together into one soft and refreshing scent, which is something I really appreciate since I’m not a huge fan of rose (persian rose flower water is the first ingredient so my eyes did narrow for all of 2 seconds before I was pleasantly surprised – maybe not something rose lovers want to hear though!). Having loved the scent of the Restorative Cleansing Balm and the Altitude Oil I shouldn’t have been worried but you never know! Performance-wise I don’t want to say too much too soon but when it claims to “deliver instant, soothing hydration” and it does just that? Well, you don’t need to tell me twice to keep on misting! Whenever I mist outside of my routine i.e. during the day when I need some extra moisture or calm, I always make sure to pat the toner into my skin (also ensuring I have clean fingers when I do this). This makes quite a difference in how a mist performs for me and with the Dewy Facial Mist I have noticed skin that is hydrated, soothed and calm within minutes. My face feels soft to the touch and any reactions that have flared up are quickly quelled. I put it down to the beautiful ingredients list brimming with skin-loving/softening/calming qualities. Rose is known for its soothing and hydrating properties together with neroli and blue tansy, and the inclusion of pre/probiotics is there to “optimize the skin ecoflora, strengthening biological defenses and helping restructure and smooth the skin, improving radiance”. Annee certainly says it better than I ever could! The various seed glycerides (olive, almond, linseed and borage) help to give higher bioavailability meaning there’s an increased amount and ease of a substance becoming available to the body and having an active effect once entering the circulation. Last year de Mamiel came out with its atmospheriques collection, a line of products specifically formulated for city living and combating environmental aggressors. I’ve yet to try anything from this line but I am happy to see that superoxide dismutase is included. Why? Because this powerful antioxidant is said to protect against irritation and premature ageing caused precisely by environmental aggressors. It also protects from UV damage and continued use should deliver soothed, radiant skin.  I’m already seeing some of the effects of this beautifully formulated product and I only look forward to the results I’m anticipating with continued use. On top of all this, the Dewy Facial Mist comes in a sleek Miron glass bottle with the instantly recognisable design of the brand; elegant and feminine. A stellar full size choice for February’s Clean Beauty Box.

Is it a coincidence that a lip product is included in a box celebrating the month of love? I think not. Henné Organics Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator is a lip polish (I can’t call it a scrub, it’s much too elegant for that!) that will banish dry winter lips in a luxurious minute. Where the organic sugar comes in to exfoliate and eradicate anything that shouldn’t be on your lips, the beeswax, organic coconut oil and shea butter step in to soften and nourish. The beautiful pink colour comes from red chokeberry which also offers antioxidant properties to fight those free radicals and keep environmental pollutants at bay. Depending on the state of my lips I like to use this treatment 1-2 times a week, but even when they’re in good condition I like to pamper with Rose Diamonds simply because it feels good and tastes yummy! I’ve actually had the exfoliator in my possession for a while and was planning on writing a review on it, so what serendipitous timing with it being featured in RADIANT. Consistent use of Rose Diamonds ensures that any lipsticks and/or glosses glide on beautifully and leave a flawless finish.

Henné is another favourite brand of mine and I’ve had the great fortune of meeting the founder, Laura Xiao, twice in Stockholm. She’s as lovely as you would imagine her to be; sassy, intelligent, ambitious and business smart. Catching up with her is always such an inspiration and it’s really quite amazing that Henné hasn’t even reached its 2nd anniversary, yet it’s a household green beauty name. That’s Laura for you. She may currently only have two products in her line (3 technically but I’m counting the lip balm as one, a product I’ve reviewed here) but rest assured that she has other projects in the pipeline and when they launch all I know for sure is that they will follow the same minimalistic, beautiful design, packaging and formulation of the current ones. If you’re familiar with Swedish design you might have noticed its aesthetic and influence in Henné – this is no coincidence since Laura has lived here in the Nordics. Of course I am thrilled with her ties to Sweden as that means I get to see her when she’s visiting 😉 
Last but not least, a little mention of this month’s illustrator, Clara Cline. The illustration adorning the box and the booklet is called “Peonie’s”, hand-illustrated by Clara and printed with the help of her husband Tristan. I don’t think this month’s illustration could better have captured the essence and message of de Mamiel and Henné Organics with its soft peach colour and delicate floral drawing. Once again, it’s all in the details.

In conclusion I don’t think I need to say what a beautifully put together box RADIANT is, and if you’ve been debating whether to subscribe I would say this month is the time to do it so you can enjoy these gorgeous products too. If you’re subscribed, what are your thoughts on RADIANT? And I almost forgot! Don’t miss out on the Instagram giveaway I’m hosting where you can win a pot of the Rose Diamonds Lip Exfoliator, running until February 22nd. Details on how to enter here.

Nic xx

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