Product Love

Welcome to my Product Love page where I list my skincare staples that I repurchase as they are finished up. A bit of a rare thing amongst bloggers since we do try quite a few products! Staples mean that they are really, really good.

mermaidmask-marble-4129 (1)

Leahlani’s Mermaid Mask. My HG mask and one that I have spoken about lovingly on numerous occasions both on my blog and on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 13.47.59

Meow Meow Tweet’s cult baking soda free deo cream in grapefruit. I think I have bought around 16 pots so far since this is the only deo that works on my fiancé. And since it works so well on me too this is the one we get. It won’t stop you from sweating since it’s not an antiperspirant but it will keep you smelling fresh and it won’t stain your clothes yellow, something I have noticed happens when I use deos with baking soda. If you live in Europe you can get it at Alice & White or Reina Organics.

elise_jpeg_sqare_large (1)

This is not a product that I have repurchased, yet. A little goes a long way and I still have plenty left since buying it last autumn but I know that it will be a repurchase once I’m out! I’m talking about Gressa’s Lumiere in Elise. I don’t wear much makeup but the one item I absolutely love is a pretty blush, and I have quite a few in my collection. The reason I love this one so much is due to its fluidity and how it sinks in beautifully, leaving behind a soft natural flush with a hint of a glow. Elise is this gorgeous pink colour while Amelia is a more peachy shade, no doubt just as beautiful. The Lumieres can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips, so very versatile.

organic obsessions leahlani bless balm

Yet another #holygrail product, Bless is the most beautiful multi-tasking product that not only delivers on its promise to “leave your skin feeling smooth as silk”, it also has the softest, sweetest floral scent that lingers just enough to make you want more. Don’t blame me if you keep taking a sniff of your pot every now and then (guilty as charged!), it’s that irresistible. A detailed review of it can be found here.