Nic’s Pic’n’Mix #5 feat. Leahlani Skincare, Kopa Kauai & Holiskin

It has been a good long while since my last Pic’n’Mix and every time I’ve been in the shower I’ve been reminded of having to post one thanks to a product I love using recently. This post has quite clearly a Hawaiian theme to it which is not so strange since my skincare routine of late has mainly consisted of gorgeous goods from Hawaii – and I don’t know about you, but I welcome this with open arms! It’s a bit strange how Hawaii is making such a reappearance in my life again as it used to be a place my family and I visited when we lived in Hong Kong back in the day…it was our getaway when it got chaotic during Chinese New Year’s. Perhaps life is trying to tell me something!

This brand is no stranger to many of us now since it has gained somewhat of a cult following. I reviewed Leahlani Skincare for the first time a year ago and was smitten already then, however my love for the Mermaid Mask truly exploded last autumn when I started using it on a weekly basis. So even though there are quite a number of reviews on this magical masque out there in the blogosphere (my own included!) I thought I would give a thorough Nic Low-Down (honestly, I just love talking about this product so any chance to do so and I will grab it! 10 times over!)

That being said, a Leahlani product cannot be praised until the same courtesy is extended to the creator of said brand. Lovely Leah Klasovsky aka Mermaid Mother of Leahlani Skincare is a true genius when it comes to creating and blending some of the gentlest yet effective skincare potions and lotions in the green beauty world. She is a mastermind at bottling the scents of Hawaii into little pots and bottles so that no matter where you are in the world, you can transform your bathroom into your very own tropical island (just make sure you close your eyes so you don’t accidentally see the snow outside your window! If you have a window in your bathroom, I was spared one). Not only is Leah a creative genius but she is also a sensitive and beautiful soul who pours her love and intentions into her skincare line and believe it or not, they are felt when you use her products. I believe strongly in what you put out into the universe will be heard and felt by others and Leah’s products are one such result of this. Having a connection with the creator also makes using her products that more special, something that is unique to small niche brands like Leahlani. I could go on and on about Leah as much as I could about her products, but since this is a post about Nic’s favourite products and not Nic’s favourite people I think we had better be moving along!


The Mermaid Mask – the green gooey goodness that has been getting much attention on my Instagram profile and the first mask I adorned my boyfriend with (he thought it smelled like food which in his world is equal to Highest Praise On Earth and felt it left his skin soft. Not bad coming from him!). It is described as superfood for the skin and I can only agree. Used on a weekly basis it will leave your skin soft, smooth, bright and just completely skin-happy. I cannot be without this mask and I already have an unopened pot on the ready for when my current one runs out. It is that good, my mermaids and mermen. First ingredient which can take credit for making your skin do a happy dance is Hawaiian raw organic honey. Honey has been praised to the heavens by me before; honey can do no wrong. It is a natural humectant meaning it attracts and retains moisture which is perfect for those who need a little extra hydration. Ok, so that’s nothing for me then says the oily skinned/acne prone one. But wait! Honey is also antibacterial which can help fight bacteria that causes breakouts while simultaneously moisturising the skin to aid rejuvenation. Honestly, what isn’t there to love about honey? Also packed with antioxidants, it’s an ingredient that is suitable for nearly everyone. And remember where the honey comes from; next time you see a bee pay it some well-deserved love and respect!
Second on the list of goodness is pure organic NON GMO Hawaiian spirulina. A powerhouse antioxidant, it helps treat acne, redness, dryness and uneven skin tone. I can suffer from 3 out of 4 of those conditions and I can attest to the mask’s efficacy in combating them. Chlorella is another ingredient that is added to the delightful mix for a similar purpose as it’s rich in amino acids and antioxidants (double whammy in other words!). Luminess algae (don’t you just love that name!) helps in giving you that youthful glow through enhanced cellular energy and it increases cellular turnover. This is the brightness I mentioned earlier that you can experience with this magical mask. Another favoured ingredient of mine is the inclusion of sea buckthorn which is high in vitamins A, C and E. This hard-worker also helps with cellular regeneration, heals scars and acne while also promoting radiance. My skin loves sea buckthorn which I found out through using this oil. Organic orange, chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang and white lotus are some of the beautiful ingredients that constitute the gorgeous aroma – citrusy, fresh and tropical. As some of you may know, I have sensitive skin that can react to certain ingredients (an abundance of rose for example is not something that my skin appreciates. Nor does my nose for that matter) but I have never reacted when mermaiding it up. Even though I’ve had the Mermaid Mask in my possession for at least 6 months, I never ever tire of applying it. It’s like a good love you have going on…you’re always happy to see each other even if you just saw one another the previous day. Haven’t tried it yet? Well, let me make it easy for you then. Simply click here. Enjoy! A funny note on the picture below, I didn’t actually read what it said in the mag I used for this Mermaid photo shoot until afterwards and saw that it very fittingly says “5 stars” in Swedish! Because that is exactly what I would give this product.



Since I’m on a Hawaiian roll here I may as well keep it up by introducing the next product that hails from the same island…and from the same gene pool! Yep, the wonderful and unique Lavender Mint Sea Salt Soap Bar is the creation of none other than Leah’s mama, Jenny who is behind Kopa Kauai. I absolutely love that I love these two unique brands, both from Hawaii and both from the same family. How’s that for supporting family business! Jenny is equally as lovely as her daughter and when approached through Etsy with some queries, she was very informative and kind in her reply. Am I surprised? No. The apple rarely falls far from the tree. I hope I get to meet them both one day.
Back to the product though, I’ve only recently begun to appreciate the wonders of soap bars and what makes Kopa Kauai ones stand out from the rest is the way the bar dries after each use. It literally turns into a solid polished stone and I LOVE that! You can read up on it on their Etsy store (and start deciding which amazing scent you’re gonna go for!) but of all the soap bars I’ve tried (and there have been a few despite my recent appreciation of them) this one really dries in a unique way. It also means less product melting away before my eyes. I chose the Lavender one myself and left the second soap I ordered up to Leah to choose with the sole request of it being something Hawaiian scented (I was kindly able to combine my orders so that the soaps came with my Leahlani package). She did good by selecting Plumeria; it’s the most gorgeous tropical scent and though I have it double-wrapped in the paper it came in, it still manages to waft its way out as every time I open my bathroom cabinet I am greeted with the most divine scent. Sometimes I just go to open the cabinet solely to smell it! Suffice to say I can’t wait to use Plumeria in the shower. It brings images of fresh laundry moving in the breeze and of an early morning rising with the sound of island birds. The Lavender one smells lovely too, very true to lavender with a fresh minty note. I will most definitely be purchasing more and going for the Hawaiian scents because I obviously can’t have enough Hawaii in my bathroom! The soap doesn’t dry my skin out at all as the sea salt helps your skin absorb glycerine, a natural by-product of handmade soap. Also, how beautifully is the soap wrapped! Guess who does it? None other than Jenny’s husband! (*waves hi from Sweden) The more I find out about both Leahlani Skincare and Kopa Kauai, the more I fall in love. If you haven’t checked either of them out, you must do so. Now. Pronto. Stat.


Last but certainly not least, Holiskin‘s Intensive Repair Acne Scar Treatment has been getting a lot of Nic love. I wasn’t planning on buying this when I was looking for a toner and found one in the Organic Neroli & ACV Toner (also very good but not being spotlighted today), but when I read Sabrina’s and Ru’s review on it it somehow made its way into my basket. And it got bought. Funny how that happens. Anyway, I’m glad I got it because not too soon after it was sold out! With a little help from yours truly via Instagram and Sarita from Edible Facial tweeting about it. She also has a great post on this gem with Joshua Alexander, the creator of Holiskin, on her blog which you can read here. Fear not those of you wanting to get your hands on it as it is now back in stock. I don’t suffer from acne anymore (touch wood! Had my years of skin woe in my 20s and I don’t particularly want them to return) however I do have my battle scars from that time so without being too optimistic I started using this minestrone-smelling oil at night three weeks ago. I have been taking photos to see if there has been any difference and I am happy to report yes! My scars, which are no longer red and haven’t been for many years, have decreased in depth and I guess I must owe this transformation to the healing helichrysum contained in this elixir. Apparently there are many varieties of helichrysum and it is only the ‘italicum’ one that is the true version of ‘immortelle’ with regenerative actions. It includes anti-inflammatory gamma-curcumenes and high amounts of di-ketones, the latter thought to be potent in aiding tissue regeneration. These di-ketones are not to be found in any other essential oil either according to the product description on Holiskin. Well, if the di-ketones are to be given credit, credit shall be given! I will continue to use up the bottle (15ml) and it shall be very interesting to see the results a few months on given what I have already seen after three weeks. Not only does it seem effective in healing scars but it works wonders as a zit zapper too. I had a small zit growing one day and the next it was pretty much gone with direct application. The oil itself sinks in fairly quickly and I spend a good few minutes massaging it in to ensure my skin is benefiting from all the nutrients. It has a scent that is very reminiscent of some kind of vegetable mix or like my boyfriend said, a good vegetable stock! It is a bit strong at first but dissipates after a little while so it shouldn’t offend those with sensitive olfactory senses. Either way, the smell should be something to put up with considering the effects of the oil! I apologise profusely for the bad lighting in the before (left) and after (right) photo but I hope you can still see that the scars aren’t as deep as they used to be. I will continue to take photos but this is already only after three weeks of night-time use ie once a day. And I will aim for better lighting!




So that wraps up Nic’s Pic’n’Mix for this time. Have you used any of my favourites? While I have your attention regarding Leahlani Skincare I can share the news that Leah has been working for the past year on some new additions to her line which she will be releasing this summer so definitely keep an eye out! One gem that will be unveiled is a balm…oh happy days! I was kindly sent a sample which I have already used up because it was that good. It performed amazingly as a cleanser so I can’t wait to have a full size in my possession soon. Sending so much love to all three green beauty brands!

Nic xx

Disclaimer: All items have been purchased by me and falling in love was simply optional. But inevitable! I have not been endorsed for any of my high praise and I do not post unless I truly love using the products. It takes time and energy writing these posts and since I have the choice, I’d much rather spend said time and energy on love notes. So if I haven’t posted anything and you know I own the product,  you know what I think!


    • caprinic says:

      Aw thank you so much for your kind words Stefania! I really appreciate it :)) Have a beautiful start to the week xx

  1. joshalexandr says:

    Thanks for the beautiful review and pics. I’m going to try that sea salt soap, very interesting (because I can’t make soaps) haha.

    • caprinic says:

      Thank YOU Joshua for making such a wonderful product that is helping my skin 🙂 Haha yes you must try the soaps, they’re absolutely lovely. Xx

  2. chickweedandblush says:

    Yay! I am so happy you are also having good results with the scar treatment! It truly is an amazing product! 😀 The mermaid mask is one I need to try soon too! 🙂 xx

    • caprinic says:

      I must thank you for introducing it to me and yes, it’s truly an amazing product! I look forward to seeing continued results 🙂 You must try Leah’s Mermaid Mask at some point, it’s so so good! Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Aw many thanks Anusha! Glad you enjoyed it and everyone definitely needs a little mermaiding in their lives 🙂 xx

  3. Ru says:

    Thanks for the mention Nic! I totally lol-ed at the part when you said ‘pretend you don’t see the snow outside’! Actually, I find the scar treatment scent pretty pleasant. Now you’ve said it, I can’t wait to try the soap!

    • caprinic says:

      My absolute pleasure Ru! If it weren’t for you and Sabrina I wouldn’t have tried it I don’t think 😉 Haha, well I know you of all people would understand the snow part! The soap is so lovely and the scents of both are just heavenly. I reckon I will have gone through them all before I’m done. The sea salt bits can sometimes come through and exfoliate which is lovely as well. Xx

  4. Alessandra ~ Bambi Organics says:

    As you probably know I love SOOOOO MUCH Leah as well! She is the sweetest, most gorgeous lady inside and outside.
    I’m in love with everything she creates but most of all, love her for many reasons that doesnt has to do with organic skincare!
    Like you said..the mermaid queen ❤❤

    I’m VERY glad you ‘re also ok now! Feeling much better, i know your pain as the last weeks also were painfull (emotionally and physically)

    • caprinic says:

      Yes, we’re her European Cheerleading Squad! I know exactly what you mean about loving her for other things other than her beautiful creations. It’s very hard not to. I now also have my sister in Japan in love with her and her products so it’s nice to help spread the Leahlani love 🙂 Aw, so glad to hear you are much better as well Alessandra. Sending you love and hugs xx

  5. Kasey Michelle says:

    Love your picks, Nic! I’m really dying to try everything from Leahlani Skincare, everyone is in love with this brand! 🙂 I’m so interested in the Mermaid Mask and those Coco Infusions. The Mask sounds like it has so many amazing ingredients, does it dry or harden on your skin?

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Kasey! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 You absolutely must get on the Leahlani boat and first port of call should be Mermaid Island :)) this mask works wonders on the skin. To answer your question it doesn’t harden or dry but just works it’s little (or big!) magic as is. It works in 5 minutes if you don’t have more time but I find that my skin really appreciates and benefits from the mask when I have it on for at least 30 minutes. Yesterday I had it on for an hour! You are left with seriously soft, glowy skin. Looks like I’m reviewing it all over again haha! Her coco infusions are fab too. I slept with some massaged into my scalp and hair last night and it leaves my hair so soft and manageable after being shampooed. Gives it a lovely luster as well 🙂 oh and her pink balm that is coming this summer? To.Die.For. So so good. It’s amazing as a cleanser even though it’s multi-use. There, I think you have to last you a while now hehe :)) xx

  6. Amber says:

    Okay so now I need to buy the mermaid mask ASAP haha! It’s been on my wishlist for ages but I definitely need to get it as soon as I can 😉 also, how exciting she’s releasing a balm, can’t wait !

    • caprinic says:

      Haha yes you do!! And the balm is amazing. Can’t wait til it’s released. I love how uniquely tropical all Leahlani products are. You won’t be disappointed. Remember that you can use Ru’s discount code for 10% off as well. Think it’s shortsmallsweet at checkout 🙂 xx

  7. cleancurator says:

    Loved your picks, Nic! I really must try that Acne Scar Treatment, I’m so intrigued after reading your glowing review and Ru’s as well! I also really appreciate that you went into detail about Leah’s products and her mother’s as well. Such wonderful people! It’s making me really want to go to Hawaii again(considering the first and only time I’ve been was during a one hour layover….at the airport)! Green Beauty Bloggers Hawaiian Retreat? 🙂

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words Vanessa! My aim with my blog from the start was and still is to give as detailed an account as possible regarding the products I use. This might also explain why I don’t post as often as I’d like. Oooh yes, wouldn’t say no to a Hawaiian Blogger retreat! It’s been a while since I was there last 😉 xx

  8. Seira says:

    Lovely post, Nic! I just recently started following you on IG and have fallen in love with your posts!You have some awesome photos! I have a similar skin type to yours and was wondering what you’d recommend as far as a great skin regime for my skin type (combo skin- also have a lot of problems with blackheads on my nose and white heads on my forehead, nose, and chin). I’ve tried MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser, the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, Suki moisture-rich cleansing lotion, Epicuren Citrus Herbal cleanser, Epicuren Herbal cleanser, La Bella Figura Gentle Enzyme Cleanser, Antipodes Juliet Brightening Gel Cleanser and none of them have wowed me because I did not see any real changes to my skin.
    I have been looking at the May Lindstrom products since I have read a lot of reviews on her products and also on the Leahlani products, but I have no clue if those would even work. I have a limited budget and can’t afford to buy so many products, so your input would be great in helping me decide what products are actually worth buying.

    Thank you again, for always posting such interesting and informative reviews on your accounts!

    Much love from California!

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