My Green Beauty Swap with Tamara from Rainbow Feet


So today’s blog post is about my SS14 green beauty swap that Ria from NatuRia Beauty organised so well.  It was my first time to participate and I had totally missed all the swaps that had taken place during the winter so I was quite excited to take part.  I was paired up with Tamara from Rainbow Feet and after a few emails back and forth we settled on a budget and I got to work deciding what to get.  What I ended up getting Tamara you will have to pop over to her blog to see!

Didn’t Tamara do a great job!  She really added a personal touch to the swap with the water colour flamingo she painted herself; isn’t it beautiful?  I have tucked it away safely in a drawer until I can get it framed.  She also very kindly and generously added a few products that were outside of our budget, like the SW Basics Toner as I had told her that I’m not really into toners and have never really been able to see how they add to my skincare regime.  I love that she really wanted me to try a product that she feels works because now I use it every evening myself (we all need a gentle push in the right direction sometimes)!  But enough blabbering here and onto a more concise list of what Tamara sent me.

Gaia Creams Raw Veggie Cocktail Face & Body Cream – funny that Tamara got me this as just a few days before her package arrived I ordered a different cream from the same brand for my dry elbows and legs!  I almost instantly decided to use this mainly on my body and it’s been a delight to use.  I had never used a “raw” product like this before and the texture of it is just absolutely addictive, like liquid silk!  It looks a little hard to apply at first when it’s in the jar and right before you massage it in, but when you do it instantly melts into your skin making it a very pleasurable experience indeed.  I’m not much for products that need to be worked into the skin so this cream is a winner with me for its easy application.  Since I’ve mainly used it on my body it has quickly depleted but I feel it’s been worth it as my body has felt very soft.  Since it’s raw it also has quite a short shelf life so in a way it’s positive that I’m soon running out.  Tamara has urged me to use it on my face which I must admit I haven’t yet (*hides face) as I tend to react there quite a bit more than on my body and I’ve been testing another cream out.  I try to avoid testing too many different products at once on my face so this cream has been delegated to my body.  That said, I think my face would love it so will aim to try it out before it runs out!  Gaia Creams are 100% organic and vegan so you can rest assured that only goodness is going onto your skin.


SW Basics Toner – I’ve really tried using toners but I honestly feel it doesn’t do that much for my skin.  With that said, I have really given this toner a fair go as Tamara gave it a lot of praise and I thought it was so kind of her to include it in the swap.  I don’t know if I’m a total convert but I have been using it every evening for the past couple of weeks and though I haven’t seen a drastic change in my skin I am glad to report that it hasn’t made me break out or the like either.  The raw apple cider vinegar comes out quite strong in this toner, in fact it’s probably the only thing I can smell so if you like ACV you will probably want to douse yourself in it!  I spritz it twice into the palm of my hand and sort of tap it on my face.  It does say to use a cotton pad and swipe across face but I’m not a fan of doing that so I do my caveman style version of it.  I will definitely use this product to its last drop and I MAY even consider getting a full size depending on how my skin fares without it…big words from a non-toner!

Bulles Et Molecules Oats & Honey Soap Leaves – I already did a review on this just the other day so will say no more about it here other than that they’re super cute and super practical and any green beauty bunny on the go should have them!

Bulles Et Molecules Melon Lip Balm – j’adore!  This is my lip balm du jour and it has pretty much pushed all my other lip balms to the wayside.  It smells amazingly yummy of melon and leaves your lips super soft and with just the right amount of gloss without any of the tackiness.  I probably reach for it more than I should but I blame the scent and texture for that, you just want more!


Bulles Et Molecules Charcoal & Carrots Soap – this is the one product that I haven’t tried yet but it sounds very interesting!  Will be giving it a whirl once I’m done with the soap mentioned below.

Osmia Organics Zucca Spice Soap – I only started using this last week as I was just finishing up with a soap from Bathing Beauty (review) and therefore I can’t give a detailed review about its performance just yet.  It smells lovely with the main ingredient being pumpkin pulp and it also exfoliates thanks to that and  rosehip seed powder.  Which actually surprised me as you can’t see anything but as soon as I could feel the small seeds on my skin I knew this would help slough off dead skin cells.  We all need a bit of exfoliation in our lives!  It lathers just enough and I may be wrong but it feels as though this soap will last quite a while…even after just a few goes some soaps shrink quite a bit but not so with Zucca.  I’ve only just recently discovered soap bars (have always been a shower gel kinda gal) so it’s a welcome addition to my soap bar education! (There is no link to this soap as I can’t find it on Osmia Organics’ website at the moment…perhaps it’s discontinued?)


So that was the lovely roundup from Tamara.  A big thank you to her for choosing such lovely products and introducing me to a new brand at the same time.  I really like what Bulles Et Molecules has to offer and I see some great stocking fillers come Christmas!  It was a lot of fun taking part in the swap as it’s a great way to get to know other bloggers and being introduced to new products and brands.  Well done Ria for organising it all so well!

Nic xx


  1. Tamara Brittain (@TamaraBrittain) says:

    I am so happy you liked what I got you! Yeah Zucca spice was a limited edition soap, but I have some other soaps from Osmia and they are all really good, and yes it really does last for ages. I hope you do try Gaia on your face eventually, I specifically chose the one that would be suitable for sensitive and reactive skin types xx

    • caprinic says:

      Ah no wonder I couldn’t find it on their website! Yay lucky me for getting to try a limited edition! Hehe, yes will try on face, must hurry as I don’t have much left- my body has been drinking it up! Xx

    • caprinic says:

      They are! Have my eye on the green tea and silk one, sounds so lovely. Love anything with silk really! 😉 Hope you find something you like. Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Doesn’t she? Very talented! I’m really enjoying all the products she sent me so she chose very well indeed 🙂

  2. lizthegreenspirit says:

    Gorgeous swap! I also love what you got her 🙂 Gaia creams is fantastic, and you’d love their oils as well – okay, I’m just gonna stop there… I care about your finances Nic, I really do 😉 – I got SW Basics toner last year, and while I enjoyed it because it kept blemishes at bay, I can’t justify the cost. At the moment I’m quite happy with Thayers alcohol free toner which costs 8 dollars! Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Like I’ve said before and like I keep saying, you always say the nicest things Liz! Big kiss and hug to you! Haha, yes no more enabling from anyone! I’ll see what I end up doing about the toner situation…I may look around for something a bit cheaper if I feel my face needs a toner otherwise I will carry on without. I won’t know til I run out! xx

  3. Annie says:

    What a lovely lot of products Nic and I am so in love with that painting! Such a lovely personal touch, Tamara is a talented artist. Great first beauty swap for you x

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you Annie, I am very pleased to have been so spoilt by Tamara =) Definitely makes me interested in taking part in another one! xx

    • caprinic says:

      I did Amber, thanks! The Gaia Creams face & body cream was divine (read: past tense! Finished it up already!) and such a lovely product to use. I think you would like it!

    • caprinic says:

      Me too! And I loved being part of one this time as well. Hopefully I can participate again if Ria does one during the winter, all depends a bit on my finances being a student and all! Tamara sent me some really lovely things and it’s been fun testing it all out. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Xx

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