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You know you want everyone to know how amazing a product is when you can’t wait to write a review on it! This is how I’ve been feeling with Mahina Evening Replenishing Elixir by Leahlani. This deliciously scented face oil has been the star of my evening ritual for the past 4 weeks and counting, giving it enough time to see how well it charms my skin. And boy does she charm! I was very kindly sent a full size of Mahina at the beginning of the year when Leah launched her new website and rebranding…it has patiently been waiting for me in the fridge for almost 9 months (!) while I was finishing up some other products. I can happily report that the wait did not diminish her effectiveness one bit.

As many of you know, I’m a big long-time fan of Leah and her line and I’ve written a number of product reviews on my blog (to save you searching, you can find them here, here, here, here, here aaaand here). Like I said, I adore her work. As usual, I cannot possibly write a post without mentioning the beauty and inspiration that is Leah herself. It’s amazing to think back to my first correspondence with her, asking advice on what kit I should go for when she still sold trial packages on Etsy. Did you know that she spends more than half her day doing skincare consultations for people who email her with their questions and concerns? More than half! For free I might add. And yes, it’s Leah who answers each and every email when it comes to specific skincare questions. Skin is a very unique and individual landscape which means that Leah’s answers must cater to this – in other words, you won’t find any rote replies here! (For those not familiar with Leah, she has a 10 year background in working as an esthetician so is quite the authority on all things skin related).  On top of that she manages to blend and create her gorgeous potions and lotions, fulfilling both direct and wholesale orders. If you put all that together you realise just how special the Leahlani range is…it’s not just skincare products, it’s an experience inviting you to heal, love and care for yourself on a level that I have rarely felt with another line. So much of why I love Leahlani is tied up in Leah’s beautiful soul – her products are a tangible expression of herself, her way to reach out to so many to encourage us all to be kinder and more present with ourselves through the daily act of a skincare ritual. This is why I keep going back for more and why two of her creations are my holy grail products…I see a third joining very soon, one I go into detail below.

Mahina (meaning moon in Hawaiian) is described as a satiating evening skin elixir formulated to replenish our skin with vitamins, amino acids and proteins while we sleep, ensuring we wake up with a rejuvenated, calm and petal soft complexion. Spoiler alert – she does! Made with organic and cold pressed oils of marula, moringa and chia alongside prickly pear and carrot seed oil, it promises a whole lot. From my own experience I can say it delivers. Big time. I started incorporating Mahina when everything else in my routine was consistent meaning I would notice if she helped or hindered. I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin in terms of tone and texture. The past month I’ve been greeted by a calm and even complexion when I look in the mirror with long-term acne craters appearing less deep and skin feeling soft to the touch. With such results how could I not be in love and in awe!

Before the big rebranding back in January all of Leahlani’s serums came with a dropper. I’ve always been a fan of these (something about making it feel old-school apothecary-ey) but I must say that I’ve come to appreciate the pump style so much more. This particular one dispenses the precise amount of product you need with one pump (you may think you need more but trust me, you won’t) and I like knowing that the precious ingredients aren’t being subjected to air unnecessarily which can cause oxidation of the oils. Make sure to keep it in a cool and dark place as well. Or in the fridge like I did!

organic obsessions leahlani mahina review

Is she easy to apply? Absolutely. After I have cleansed with Bless and laid the foundation with an aloe-based hydrating serum (currently Moss’ Healing Dew after running out of Earthwise Beauty’s Nap in the Meadow, wail!), one pump is enough to cover your entire face and cocoon you in the most intoxicatingly sweet scent of candied vanilla citrus. I can just feel how my skin cells take a deep breath and go aaaahhhh, put their feet up with their hands behind their heads (my cells have body parts, don’t yours?) and fully relax in the waves of vitamins and nutrients that I gently massage over the canvas that is my face. Mahina is a light-weight oil that sinks in quickly leaving a trail of softness and suppleness and a scent so beautiful that your fiancé comments how good you smell every.single.evening. She lingers a short while and then she rolls her sleeves up – there is work to be done while you sleep she says! Said work is provided by some of the ingredients mentioned above which I go into a bit more detail below:

  • Organic marula oil – the elixir of youth, this oil has the ability to stimulate collagen on a cellular level and is the bearer of glowy skin (trust me on this one).
  • Organic moringa oil – containing a whopping 40+ antioxidants, this nutrient dense oil softens, clarifies and heals. It also helps control oil production which might explain the absence of “bad” glow when I wake up 😉 You know the one I mean.
  • Organic prickly pear seed oil – the one that leaves your skin velvety-soft. Need I say more. Chock-full of goodness with amino acids, vitamin E, omega oils and antioxidants.
  • Organic chia seed oil – darling of the green beauty scene, this oil balances, hydrates and nourishes the skin thanks to the high content of antioxidants and phytonutrients (natural chemicals in food and plants believed to be beneficial for health). A great source of alpha lipoic acid, it aids in the reduction of fine lines and promotes new cell growth.
  • Exotic in-house Leahlani vanilla infusion – made from Tahitian, Ugandan and Mexican vanilla pods that are infused in organic and cold-pressed oils to specifically enhance Mahina, vanilla is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This infusion only adds to the stellar list of ingredients on which Mahina is based, enveloping you in her decadently tropical scent as soon as you smell her.

This elixir is set up for success and if you are thinking of inviting her into your evening ritual then I can only congratulate you. Of course, all skin is unique and there is no guarantee of any product working the same for everyone, but if you’re someone whose skin has played well with Leahlani so far then I have a hard time seeing Mahina being an exception. I wake up longing for the evening to come just so I can inhale the relaxing aroma of vanilla citrus and most importantly, to leave my skin in the safe, capable hands of Mahina. She makes me look good! Mahina retails for $68 for 30ml which is very reasonable when one pump a day will last you a good 6 months. How do I know this? Because I had Aloha Ambrosia in my possession earlier in the year and she lasted me that long 😉 European beauty lovers can find Leahlani at Reina Organics, Eminessences and So Natural.

*Disclaimer: post contains some affiliate links. More info to come!


  1. Lindalu19 says:

    Well done Nic, I have emailed Leah with questions and received a detailed answer as well as a box of samples to try. As I’m finishing my summer routine products, I too placed them in my fridge where they await their turn in the limelight ! Lol. Of course I sniffed them first and appropriately swooned. What an olfactory experience. My word!!!! Can’t wait to get started Thanks for this information, it’s appreciated
    Aloha. Linda.

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Linda! Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment, much appreciated. Leah’s pretty incredible eh? I’m so happy you have some Aloha love waiting for you and do let me know how you get on! Always interesting to hear other people’s experience☺️wishing you a lovely weekend! Xx

  2. Marie says:

    Ooo great review! I just told a friend who is interested in Leahlani to email her and ask her to recommend where to start! Her products definitely speak of her experience as an esthetician.

    • caprinic says:

      Thanks so much Marie, happy you liked it! Yes, that’s what I always tell people as well when they ask me what product they should start with. But I believe the gateway drug to Leahlani is Mermaid! 😉 And her products most definitely speak of her deep background and experience as an esthetician. Wishing you a lovely weekend! xx

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