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If you’re like me (and most women!), you probably own a small store’s worth of lip balms. One to carry with you in your usual bag, your gym bag, your clutch and others are no doubt gracing the shelves of your bathroom cabinet as well as standing to attention by your bedside table to name but a few places! In other words, we can never have enough lip balms! Which also means that it can be quite tricky for brands to stand out with this product, because honestly, lip balm like lip balm no?

Well, then I have the great pleasure of introducing Henné Organics, a relatively new actor to the green beauty scene which launched with, yep you guessed it, a lip balm. Now this lip balm is certainly no ordinary lip balm. In fact to call it that is a bit of an insult really…I would equate this product more to a decadent lip treatment. Hence the name Luxury Lip Balm. Quite frankly, probably one of the best lip products I have ever come across. Something I experienced after only a few uses. You all know how I like to take my time with testing products so this was quite big in Nic’s world! (Bonus: this luxury lip balm can be used anywhere in need of some TLC).

Laura Xiao, the lovely founder of Henné Organics who you will get to know a bit better further down, reached out to me via Instagram (great platform to connect with amazing people!) asking whether I’d be interested in testing her product out. A few posts ago, I briefly mentioned my stance on being contacted by brands and how I never promise reviews since I really must love a product to feature them; my reply to Laura was no different to  anyone else and she was extremely understanding. Little did I know that I’d be contacting her a few days after receiving two generous pots (one went to my beautiful sister) proclaiming my love and surprise at how beautiful her lip balm is in its simplicity yet still conveying a feel of luxury you get when using a high quality product. It will last you a good long while since you don’t need much and it seriously keeps your lips soft and nourished for so long that reapplication becomes moot. It goes on ever so smoothly, instantly enveloping your lips in a texture which is neither too thick nor too thin and imparting a subtle gloss. Used at night before bed it will have you waking up with super soft lips and I have little doubt this product will be a life saver come winter when chapped, dry lips are almost certainly to be expected. If you’re like me and hate that sticky, tacky feeling on your lips then rest assured you won’t be feeling any of that with this lip balm.

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The scent is deliciously coconutty and for me it reminds me of a Bounty bar which I absolutely love. Again, as with the just-right texture, Laura has nailed it just right with the scent; not too overpowering or too subtle that you can’t delight in it. The balm itself is housed in a small Miron glass pot, luxuriously heavy which may not lend to easy carrying in your small bag or clutch to some…I like to keep mine at home mainly because it keeps my lips nourished for so long that I can go without frequent touch-ups and also because I keep another lip balm in bullet-form in my bag. As most of us green beauty lovers already know, many brands use Miron glass containers to protect their precious potions and lotions from harmful effects of light from our external environment. Not only is Miron glass beautiful and luxurious but it also serves a purpose along with being a better alternative to plastic. Green beauty in a nutshell really!

When looking at the ingredients that comprise this lip gem, it doesn’t at first strike me as anything that would overly wow me but the combination of it all works extremely well. And I’ve no doubt that the fact that only high quality ingredients are used plays an important role (more on that later). Avocado and coconut oil are the two prominent stars making for a fabulous team working to keep your lips soft and supple. Avocado boosts collagen production so on top of keeping lips moisturised, it will also help decrease the signs of aging. Coconut is many people’s favourite for good reason as it repairs and softens while sending you off to a faraway beach somewhere…if you don’t already happen to be living by one! Other liplock-loving beneficial ingredients include beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba. Quite a simple line up but oh so effective so don’t let the short INCI fool you. The lip balm is USDA Organic-certified and 99% of the ingredients are organic. $22 for 10ml may seem a bit steep for a lip balm but with so little going such a long way I would say the price is more than reasonable.

But enough with my blabbering, without further ado let me present the lovely Laura Xiao!

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Gorgeously chic!

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and why you came to establishing Henné Organics.

My life has gone in a variety of unexpected directions. From professional table tennis to broadcast journalism to tech startups to Henné Organics, the past decade has been full of surprises and big changes.

I would say the primary inspiration for starting Henné Organics is my passion for exploring the world. Traveling has been an essential part of my life from an early age, and looking back I truly see how much it has influenced who I’ve become as a person.

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in different countries such as Sweden, New Zealand and Australia. Since I moved around so much I learned to start picking quality over quantity. This is when I started developing my love for seeking luxury in basic everyday necessities, and the idea of Henné Organics was born.

2. Where does the name come from?

I wanted to pay homage to Sweden, as I’ve spent an extensive amount of time there and consider it my second home. The word “Henne” in Swedish means “Her.” The accent on the last E was mainly added to make it easier to pronounce.

3. Why did you decide to launch with a lip balm and what makes your product stand out from the rest?

A great lip balm is a staple countless women always carry with them. It felt like the perfect choice for our first product as I found very few high end lip balms I actually liked, plus almost none were organic and some were even downright toxic. There is a lot less regulation on cosmetics in the US compared to the EU, and a lot of brands use the word “organic” and “natural” even if they are not.

I’m very proud that Henné Organics luxury lip balm not only has a great texture and quality but is also USDA certified organic.

4. How do you source your ingredients?

Since we are USDA certified organic, we went through a strenuous process to source our organic ingredients. In order for us to be certified organic, all of our suppliers also must be certified 100% organic as well. We work closely with organic suppliers in the U.S. to make sure we have the purest ingredients and that they follow the USDA requirements.

5. What does green beauty mean to you?

I believe green beauty is how ALL beauty should be. Beauty should enhance our lives, both on the inside and from within, and I believe we should be able to enjoy beauty products without sacrificing our health.

6. Can we expect an expanded line up of products from Henné in the future?

Absolutely! Initially I want to focus on one product to raise awareness about our brand and make sure we provide the best lip balm out there possible. In the future you’ll see us launch new products that are aligned with the body care/skincare category.

7. How do you think the green beauty industry will continue to develop?

I think in the future green beauty will become more and more prevalent in the luxury beauty and skincare market. I’m excited for Henné Organics to be part of this movement.

8. How do you see Henné Organics developing?

I see Henné Organics developing as an eco luxury body care/skin care brand, and I hope our brand helps raise awareness about the cosmetics and skincare industry. We want to show that you can use a product that is both luxurious and good for your body.

9. Your own question which you’d like to be asked! ;))

Here’s a bit info about the Henné philosophy:

My goal is to reintroduce a splash of luxury into the mundane through the combination of high end design and organic ingredients. We don’t have to experience or do something grand everyday in order to feel special or pampered. This is why I love the idea of bringing luxury to the basics. Why wait until that specific event in several weeks or that vacation in six months? I hope that  every time someone opens up our jar and uses the lip balm, they experience a moment of joy and luxury.

Laura definitely succeeded with me on that last point! 🙂 I’m sure many of us can agree with Laura’s philosophy about green beauty and I look forward with great pleasure to discover what other luxurious products Laura has up her sleeve. Having tested her lip balm and being an avid user of it, I have no doubt that whatever she next introduces will be of the same high quality and luxurious touch. I can’t end this post without giving her beautiful website a quick mention as well; in my opinion it accurately conveys Laura’s aesthetic and vision with how I think she would like her brand to be perceived – minimalistic, clean, chic and elegant. A splash of luxury in the everyday.

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Have you tried Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm?

Disclaimer: as always, all views shared on my blog are my own of my own accord! Lip balm was generously sent as a gift with no strings attached. All photos courtesy of Henné Organics.


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