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Happy Valentine’s Day! What better occasion to talk a little bit about gratitude and love than on the day when these are in full focus. Yesterday marked my blog’s second anniversary and I would like to thank everyone who has supported this journey of mine. I sincerely appreciate every single comment and more than that, every single connection that I’ve been so lucky to experience through my writing. So my first big thank you goes out to all those who take some time out of their busy lives to read my musings and thoughts. Some exciting new plans are on the horizon which will become apparent soon and I hope you’ll follow along for that ride as well.

Along with the gratitude I am feeling, I also want to highlight some specific people just because…this is my Valentine’s Day card to you.

My darling sister Boo. That’s not her real name. Her real name is Monique but I started calling her Boo many eons ago and now it has just stuck. I remember her telling me she didn’t like the name 6 months into using it, i.e too late and I was like, too bad! I’m pretty sure she likes it now…even if she may not admit it. But she is my Boo, the one who truly knows everything about me and our crazy family, who can fully relate to me on so many levels. We even show up dressing in similar clothes and colours, that’s how connected we are! And no, we don’t go shopping together since she lives in Japan and I live in Sweden. We can have whole conversations with our eyes and laugh about the most inane things well past the laugh-by date. I know she’s always there for me and though she’s not the mushy type, I know she loves me deeply. Classic example of even though someone may not love you the way you want/expect to be loved, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything that they have. Which is always worth remembering in any relationship. We’re all different so let’s respect those differences. I love you to the outer reaches of the outer reaches of this universe and any other universes out there.

Liz of Smells Like A Green Spirit, we all know her, we all love her. She has been my lipstick guru ever since she found the most perfect pink shade for my lips when I had given up hope. She is also the very first blogger who reached out to me when I started my blog and even gave me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award which highlights new bloggers. I didn’t even think people were reading when I got the notification that she had nominated me! She truly welcomed me into the green beauty community and to this day I still go on about it. Can you blame me? Having moved around a lot growing up and always being the new girl in a bunch of different schools, I truly appreciate and value when people make an effort to welcome others, at any age or stage of one’s life. Love you, Liz!

Leah and Leahlani Skincare; if you follow my blog then you know that I have mad, deep love for this woman and for the beautiful, magical skin care that she creates. I’ve only written about her here, here, here and here. Don’t think I need to elaborate much. And my many Instagram photos are another testament to my love. Aloha Leah and deepest gratitude for our friendship.

Sarita of Edible Facial; the godmother of green beauty. Mother Ambassador. Creative writer and photographer of insanely beautiful product photos. Once again, a loved child has many names. Sarita is another warm and generous green beauty who I was lucky to get to know early on in my journey. I was even asked to be featured on her blog and saying I was chuffed is an understatement. She is incredibly knowledgeable, curious, open-minded and tirelessly works towards making green beauty a household subject. She is also humble, a quality that is not valued enough in our society in my opinion and it is this humility that makes Sarita stand out, that makes her easy to talk to and bounce ideas off of. For even though she is filled to the brim with so much knowledge, she will never make you feel as though questions are beneath her, she will never judge you in your choice of using a particular ingredient/product and what this leads to is open discussions, which is exactly what the green beauty industry needs. She creates a safe space for anyone interested to voice their thoughts and it takes a certain skill set to accomplish that. You’re often in my thoughts, Sarita and I value our friendship greatly.

Remember, love is the greatest gift that we can give and receive. Some of us find it easy to say while others prefer to show it through gestures and gifts. Whatever your way, make sure you you let the special people in your life know…not just today but everyday.

Love and light,



  1. Sarita Coren says:

    Dearest Nic! To say my heart is bursting is an understatement. In one post, you have gathered us in–all these extraordinary women who have made an impact on your life–and brought closer every corner of the world. I’m overcome with emotion (tears welling as I type!) and feel blessed in every way to know you. In a space filled with many different voices, you have always been kind. Whenever I see your name, it is always followed by a comment that’s funny, generous of spirit, and carries a warm message. I smile and can’t help myself. How is it that we have not met or set up a Skype call? I do believe it is high time! Sending you much love, Nic, my friend from all the way across the world who feels like the friend next door. Hugs and happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for these beautiful words. I will treasure them. Xoxo

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you for such warm, kind words Sarita☺️I’m so happy that we connected and I truly admire the work that you do and the love and humility you exude. I too can’t believe we’ve never met (yet!) because it feels as though we have known each other for a long time. I think a Skype call is most definitely in order! Sending you lots of love and a big hug❤️

  2. lizthegreenspirit says:

    My heart is bursting with love and gratitude!! What an honor to be surrounded by these stellar women, and I’m moved by your words. Nic, I love you and I’m grateful for our friendship. You’re a bright, caring and endearing soul, with heart of gold. Happy blog anniversary, keep on rocking darling Nic! Lots of love, Liz Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Aw Liz, your words warm my heart, thank you. I mean every word in the post and you’re a very special friend❤️wishing you lots of love this Valentine and adding to it with a boat load of mine☺️?

  3. Leah says:

    I love you Nic. It’s 3:50 am and I woke up with a slight headache- hopped on my phone to read this…. Headache gone. Your words always hug my heart, your mask photos & videos make me smile and your support has made me cry happy tears on way more then one occasion. When I count my blessings, you are top on the list. Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you the hugest aloha hug XOXOX

    • caprinic says:

      Sorry to hear you woke with a headache but glad that my post helped alleviate it. You know how much I treasure our friendship and I’m so blessed to have connected with you. Funny how some things turn out in life. Little did I know what a friendship would blossom when I reached out about your skincare all that time ago. Happy love day, beautiful❤️

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you so much Charlie!❤️You always leave such warm, heartfelt comments on my posts and I want you to know that it’s truly appreciated. Thank you for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment☺️wishing you a great start to your week! Xx

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