Don’t Stop Believing…Hold On To The Rahua Feelin’


We’ve all been teenagers at some point so I think we can all relate to periods of time when we didn’t always get along so well with our parents, especially our mothers. And these periods are almost like a rite of passage, everyone goes through it and if you don’t/didn’t, well…congratulations! Let me know how you skillfully avoided that phase without thinking your mother was enemy of the state number one and out to bust you on all sorts of things! You’re probably all wondering how this ties into a product review but keep reading and you’ll find out.

When I was around 16 a lot of big changes took place in my life, one of them being a  move to Japan with my mother and sister. I’ve always had a good relationship with my mama but moving there and settling down into the Japanese culture proved to be somewhat challenging for all of us. I found myself constantly arguing over anything and everything and being very confused as to my mother’s rather sudden change of principles…without going into too much detail, it was a trying time and my mother and I found ourselves at constant loggerheads with each other.

Enter Rahua Voluminous Shampoo (yes, we just jumped 15 years into the present day, I spared you of all the boring deets!). After reading a bible worth of stellar reviews on this shampoo I got sucked into making a purchase and that’s when my wee troubles began. Uh oh I hear you think, I’ve just read up on this shampoo and there’s literally nothing bad to find! Well, that’s what I thought too. But freak not, as there is a happy ending to this story (sorry for the spoiler!).

I eagerly started using the shampoo and it took pride of place in our shower quite quickly with its appealing packaging and design. Since it wasn’t my first natural shampoo I was used to it not lathering up like its more toxic counterparts but I immediately noticed that my hair wasn’t quite enjoying the whole experience as much as I had hoped during the rinse-off…the shampoo and my hair were definitely at loggerheads and this continued for quite some time making the whole shampoo act quite a tedious one. I then decided to change my tactics (with a little help from my friends) a little and only apply shampoo to four areas of my scalp (sides, top and back), massage it in for a few good extra minutes than what I had been doing previously, leave it in while I wash my body and then rinse it out extra good! This is the part where a wise mum changes her tactics a little, discreetly,  to cajole her daughter and see where it gets them. In this instance it got me quite a long way! The Rahua Voluminous Shampoo can seem like a truant teenage daughter, not at all willing to work with you, or in this case your hair, but my advice to those who haven’t gotten off on the right foot with this product is to stick with it. For me it meant using up the entire bottle and only loving the second half of it. But I’m glad I persevered because my hair has thanked me for it. So why the whole mother-daughter analogy? (a long shot perhaps but it made total sense to me in the shower!) Because the dynamics of that particular relationship is what came to mind every single time I shampooed my hair…so how are we going to get along today? No, that particular amount of time/massage method/rinse-off procedure didn’t sit well with you? Ok, fine, let’s go back to the drawing board and see what changes can be made but I AM NOT GIVING UP ON YOU! I think that last capitalized statement is one many mothers have thought both quietly and out loud. I also think that in this day and age of quick fixes we expect immediate results with many of our skincare and haircare products, and when they don’t happen we’re quick to kick them to the curb. Not to knock it completely, one thing that I did notice from the first few washes with this shampoo is that it truly did live up to its claim of volumizing! And how are we getting along today? Quite fabulously actually, it would seem that we have reached a truce where my hair gets the shampoo and the shampoo gets my hair.

So, don’t be quick to give up on a product if it doesn’t instantly live up to its alleged hype (unless of course you get a horrible reaction in which case do!) and remember that everyone’s hair and skin are delightfully different from your own. Common sense I know but some things are worth repeating in this life. Also, I realise I haven’t gone into any details about the actual ingredients of this lovely shampoo but this post is to all of you who already own it and have struggled/are struggling urging you to take up lather again! And you all know what hair-loving ingredients comprise it. For those who don’t I present you with this link 

Are any of you lovely green beauty bunnies currently struggling with this shampoo? Have you had a similar experience to mine? Let me know in the comments!

Nic xx


  1. Sarita Rosenhaus Coren says:

    Nic, moving at 16 is a really hard time of life to make such drastic changes! After my dad passed when I was 10, we moved to Miami Beach from NY, when my mom remarried three years later. Oh boy! It was rough. I can see why anyone would wanna wash that time right outta their hair 🙂 Meanwhile, Rahua is a great shampoo to do that with. (Love your teenage analogy, by the way.) I often wonder about how long to give products a chance if they don’t work right away. We have come to expect instant results but so frequently sticking with one protocol eventually delivers. Loved reading this personal insight into you and will likely reach for my Rahua in the shower today. Who knows what will get rinsed away! 😉 xoxo

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you for sharing what must have been an equally hard time for you Sarita. Who said growing up was easy eh? But sometimes a good shampoo can make a small difference 😉 It’s been on and off with Rahua but the ons have paid off enough that I can recommend this to others despite not always seeing eye to eye. That alone says a lot about a product. Other benefits I sadly forgot to mention in the post is less hair fallout and longer time between washes. Thanks for your lovely comment Sarita! Xx

  2. lizthegreenspirit says:

    Where to start…I bow down to the greatness that is your post title and your review in general!! I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat as I type these words. I find the analogy spot-on, and love how you had your own Eureka moment in the shower! In French we say “il faut laisser sa chance au produit”, which roughly translates as something like “you need to give some time to the product”. Sometimes, we expect a “miracle” product that works instantly, but I try to avoid longing for this feeling as it may lead to quick disappointments. I’m happy to hear Rahua and you have come to an understanding and I completely agree, it does take a few trials and errors, but like Eagle Eye Cherry rightfully said “Don’t give up, never give up” (just to stay in the musical theme lol) After a few adjustments, Rahua turned out to be the best shampoo after an oil treatment for me, now that my bottle is empty, I’ll see if there’s an alternative or not, let the exploration begin 🙂 Xx

    ps. Just for info: I don’t know if you saw the picture I uploaded on G + Beautychallenge10 page, but I have a travel-size bottle of Rahua’s conditioner, looking for a new loving home. If you want, I can gladly send it your way dear. It works best without the Rahua shampoo. Both combined are too heavy, but with another shampoo, it works awesome.

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you so much Liz, love that you loved the review and my little take on the title 😛 I know you of all people will appreciate it! The French saying is so spot on and I think it’s one that we should remind ourselves more of…unless like I mentioned you have a freak out reaction (oh this patch of baldness? No no, it’s supposed to be this way for a while). And the part about a little bit of help from my friends refers to you and Ru; with your advice combined I was able to tackle this hair issue. I am currently very happy with The Body Deli’s Living Greens shampoo but I will most certainly be repurchasing Rahua at some point. Which reminds me of your lovely G+ note, so sorry not to have replied, been meaning to! I would love to give the Rahua conditioner a new loving home especially as I currently don’t have one that I’m using. And if it works better with a different shampoo the timing couldn’t be better! Thank you sweet Liz! xx

    • caprinic says:

      Sorry to hear that Sarah. I definitely got on swimmingly with the conditioner from first use. I guess it comes down to individual hair texture and possibly water hardness of where we live?

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