Welcome to my Disclaimer page! This is where I go into a bit more detail about any affiliate links,  sponsored posts and ambassadorships that I am a part of and what that means for you as a reader.

Essentially, nothing changes. This blog has always been about voicing my thoughts on products and brands that I love and that won’t change one bit. Writing a review takes a lot of time and energy and so my philosophy has always been that I’d rather spend that time spreading love and light rather than disappointment and negativity. If I don’t get along with a product I simply do not write about it but I am of course open to sharing my honest feedback when people ask me in other forums.

Being a brand ambassador means that these brands have an extra special place in my heart. Being asked is of course a great honour but it also carries with it responsibility. Readers count on brand ambassadors to give authentic and honest accounts of products and of the brand itself and this is something that I shall continue doing. Brands count on their ambassadors to carry their philosophy and mission into the community they share their voice with in the hope of spreading awareness and knowledge, because there can never be enough of that.

Full disclosure about my feelings on affiliate links: I’ve had issues. The main one being that it hasn’t always been transparent that they’re even being used and before I started blogging and even well into it, I didn’t really know what they were. For me, it’s really important for my readers to know if certain links are affiliated and I will also mention if posts contain them. Always. I also know that disclaimers on these things should follow any post (or if we’re really doing this correctly, at the beginning, before the review) but since I’m already writing a short novel on the subject I thought it best belonged here on a separate page which I will also link to whenever affiliate links have been added. For those readers who have been following me for some time will know (or should know, ha!), writing to use affiliated links is not why I write (and it’s not even something I have worked with in my 2 years of blogging until now). For my new readers, it is up to you to decide. My goal is to share my passion and love for clean beauty and for the people who put their heart and souls into being a big part of that, and I am only happy if their reach and influence grows.

The brands I choose to work with are ones that I have been fans of before even knowing about affiliate links, sponsored posts and ambassadorships, whose mission and ethics I deeply respect and admire. When you click on an affiliated link and you fulfil a purchase through it, I receive a small compensation. Nothing that will enable me to quit my day job but a token of gratitude for the time and energy put into sharing my love for what they do so tirelessly everyday. I in turn am grateful for those who take the time to read my thoughts and and in so doing, keep this blog sustainable. Of course, whether you decide to use my link or go directly to the brands’ website is entirely at your discretion. I would happily work with these brands with or without affiliation as my posts to date on some of them will show.

The brands I am honoured to work with today are:

  • Leahlani Skincare*
  • Art Of Organics*

If you have any questions regarding the above, please don’t hesitate to connect with me.

Love & light