Create An Enchanted Circle Of Protection with Max&Me

In a day and age where feeling stressed and run down is the norm, creating rituals that bring you back to yourself in the here and now grows increasingly important. May’s Beauty Heroes offering invites you to do just this and if you haven’t already created some self-care rituals of your own be it through evening facial massages, meditation, yoga or relaxing baths, this box may just motivate you to start.

Featured in May’s coffer is the beautiful and whimsical Austrian brand Max&Me. I had the pleasure of interviewing Tanja Gruber, one half of the founding duo, for The Peridot last year. Tanja first reached out to me about a year ago when she kindly sent me some treats to try and from the goodies I received I instantly fell in love with the facial oil called Enchanted. I’ve been meaning to review it for the longest time so I thought I would add some thoughts to it in this post as well, so keep reading if you’re interested to know more about this enchanting face oil (pun totally intended).

Everything about the brand appealed to my aesthetics before I even had any treats in my possession; from the fairy-tale like illustrations of delicate elves to the whimsical names it went straight to my green beauty loving heart. Top this with high vibrational plant ingredients and essences and you have a winning concept. Max&Me truly believes that the secret lies in these high vibrations that plants can carry and this is what sets them apart from other brands. For a level-headed, logical Capricorn this can seem a little bit woo-woo but it still does intrigue me and there’s no denying that there is something quite special about their products.

The selected Hero product is Circle of Protection, a light (both in texture and in scent) yet nourishing body oil. The actual ingredients list is not very long, as witnessed below, yet when you smell it you would think it’s so much more complex – not because it smells complex but because it just seems to carry so much more with it. Perhaps it’s the aforementioned high vibes? 😉 Either way, my skin drinks it up and my nose adores it. The scent is sweet but not cloyingly so. I love it so much that I’ll go take little sniffs of it throughout the day, something that most probably was intended by the founders to create that circle of protection around you. Applied on damp skin after a shower or bath, the oil leaves skin soft and illuminated and senses uplifted in a grounding way, and you ready to take on the world or fall into a blissful night’s sleep. Some body oils lend themselves better to be used at night depending on their scent but with Circle of Protection I like indulging in it equally in the morning and the evening.

Ingredients: Argan Oil (1), Marula Oil (2), Rosa Moschata Seed Oil (1), Magnolia Flower Oil, Manuka Oil (2), Bourbon Geranium Oil, Jasminum Sambac Flower Extract (1), Litsea Fruit Oil (1), Vetiver Extract (1), Silver Fir Leaf Oil (3)
1- Certified organic
2- Wildcrafted
3- Organically grown

Made up of litsea fruit oil (relaxing and calming yet with uplifting notes of citrus), vetiver extract (grounding and soothing), silver fir leaf oil (combats negativity, sadness and stress) and gorgeous jasmine (what isn’t amazing about jasmine!), this oil is meant for soothing frayed nerves, bringing light into your being and grounding you back to yourself. In other words, it’s also a great oil for meditating with. At Jana Small Bits of Loveliness gentle coercion, I started meditating with mindspo so the whole meditation theme around May’s box could not have come at a better time. Max&Me and Beauty Heroes are actually hosting a worldwide Circle of Protection meditation on Tuesday May 16th where they invite you all to join them in this exercise to spread more love, compassion and light around us. If it hadn’t been for the time (15:30 Central European time) I would definitely have participated, especially since it goes so well in hand with my own meditation practice but work beckons. If you’re able to join then I warmly recommend you do! For more information about this special event, visit Beauty Heroes’ website.

The Sidekick to the Hero is a travel size of the body oil, intended to be shared with a loved one or taken on the go with you. They also included a sample of the Enchanted Face Oil which is one of my favourites from the line. I still remember my first thought when opening this and inhaling the gorgeous scent – this is what elfin spring water must taste like! Fresh and light like crystal, it makes you instantly think that this elixir will quench thirsty skin with its beautiful ingredients. And it does. I’ve been using the full size of this every evening after cleansing and it’s enough to keep my skin feeling soft and supple and looking radiant. My complexion in the morning is calm and even. So was it a surprise to me when it won Indie Beauty Expo’s 2016 Best In Show for Best Oil? A big, fat no. Like Tanja wrote in a message to me, “I knew it from the start”. Enchanted is created with some heavy-hitting oils (not to be confused with heavy oils since the oil is beautifully balanced), all to ensure skin that is nourished (South African marula oil), protected (Moroccan argan oil), rejuvenated (cold pressed Chilean rosehip oil) and softened (macadamia nut oil and evening primrose oil). Needless to say my skin will keenly feel the absence of this oil once it runs out. As far as evening oils go, this one and Leahlani’s Mahina Elixir are my two absolute favourites.

As much as I love and deeply appreciate Max&Me, I am a little wary of heavy promotion as the products do come with a higher than average price tag. This is why getting the chance to indulge in a full size product through Beauty Heroes’ May box really can’t be missed, especially if you’ve been eyeing this brand for a while. Circle of Protection usually retails for $75 (100ml) and Enchanted for $120 (30ml) so only paying $39 for your box is truly an amazing deal. Last call is May 20th so be sure to sign up by then if you’re intrigued. The little sample of Enchanted may not give you enough to fully gauge its performance but it should give you an idea of what elfin spring water might taste like!

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  1. Gina says:

    Hello, i live in Germany and i would Love to sign up for the Beauty Heroes Box, but im wondering if i would have to Pay a Fee/taxes. Is that different in sweden? Dont you have to Pay extra taxes/ fees? In Germany we have ta Pay a Fee when the Order is over 22,00 Euro so i think it would be to expensive 🙁

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Gina! Many thanks for your question. Beauty Heroes usually arranges so that you don’t need to pay customs fees☺️are they diligent on checking in Germany? The only time I’ve heard of fees being incurred is when postal staff take a closer look at the box. I’ve never had to pay anything while living in Sweden. Hope this helps!

  2. Gina says:

    Thank you for your answer! Yes i think they will Check everything that comes from Outside of Europe but maybee i try to Order only One Box First. Maybee i have luck 🙂

    • caprinic says:

      My pleasure. BH are usually very good at filling out the customs form so you don’t get slapped with extra fees so I think it would be worth a shot☺️

    • caprinic says:

      Oh that’s wonderful! I hope you get a chance to try Max&Me’s beautiful, high vibe products. Obviously you know what to start with if you ask me😉

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