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Today I am going to talk about my second holy grail item in my skincare ritual. And is it any surprise that it happens to be yet another Leahlani creation? If you know me, then the answer is pretty simple. Oh, and I did promise an in-depth review of this particular item a few posts ago. So, delivering on that 😉

Bless Beauty Balm was introduced to the world at the beginning of 2016 in conjunction with Leah’s beautiful rebranding and shiny new website (which by the way is so gorgeous), however a few blessed people were given samples last year to try out, yours truly being one of them. I first caught a glimpse of Bless in an Instagram photo Leah posted last spring, if I remember correctly it was one of those tags where you show what you had on your bedside table. At the time it was in a little non-descript white plastic container, not the limelight of the photo in any way but with my deep love for pink and especially Bless shade pink, my eyes zoomed in on it instantly. I mean, that pink is enough to bring out the 5 year old girl in any iron lady. Leah told me it was a balm she was working on and planning on launching later that summer. She kindly added a sample of it in one of my orders. It was love at first sniff. The combination of orange blossom and blue tansy creates the most delicately soft scent that is so intertwined with my childhood memories of holidays in Hawaii. As such, it earns a special place in my skincare heart. The only other product that has evoked the same memories is Aurelia’s Dry Body Oil, no doubt due to its inclusion of neroli. A product I must get back to once I’ve used up my other body oils!

Leah mentioned the many uses of Bless but the one way I fell hard for, and the way that I pretty much devote Bless to, is as a cleanser. Four small scoops with a spatula evenly deposited on a dry face (cheeks, chin and forehead) is enough to dislodge a day’s dirt and pollution. Granted I don’t wear a lot of make up but it does an excellent job at removing blush as well as eyeshadow and mascara. My evening cleanse is most definitely a daily ritual that I spend time on so I give myself a good massage lasting more than a few minutes. I gently let my fingers dance across my face, giving it some love and attention, all the while taking in the delicious delicate scent of Bless, letting my mind drift to faraway places of relaxation…it’s my favourite time of the day to be honest. There’s definitely a very strong ritual aspect connected to Leah’s products, something that I know is often mentioned when using her serums, elixirs or masks…it’s so much more than simply applying product on your face. More than skin deep, I believe we owe it to the healing and loving intention that Leah pours into the magic she creates. You can’t help but feel that something special is going on and you instinctively take an extra moment or two to care for yourself. Once I am done massaging, I gently wipe the balm off with a soft muslin cloth (I like Aurelia’s Monday to Sunday bamboo muslins). Skin is left clear, calm, smooth and soft. And since I’ve spent a good few minutes massaging a balm in, my skin also feels moisturised with no greasy residue. The texture is silky and depending on where you store it, it can soften or harden a bit but as soon as it touches your skin it melts beautifully. Apart from being used a cleanser, Bless will cocoon your lips, eye area, hands and wherever else you might need some of her TLC. And you really can’t get enough of her scent…I’m hoping a perfume will be made from it!

blessbalm (1)

When my sample finished I was heartbroken since I had felt and seen such a difference to my skin. I personally believe a cleanser is the product to invest in and to take the time in finding so you use one that is suited to your skin type, simply because it can make such an impact. And in the latter half of 2015, my skin was most certainly pining for the gentle yet effective touch of Bless! She has finally been reunited with my skin and what a difference it has made, again. My skin was by no means acting up or anything of the like but the general appearance is of clearer, calmer skin with products sinking in a lot better. My cleanser was the only part that changed so this is why I’m pretty sure Bless plays a not-so-insignificant role. By far the biggest difference? The texture and feel of my skin. Never has it felt as soft and smooth on a consistent basis as it does when I have Bless laying the foundation for the rest of my routine. A testament to Leah’s intricate knowledge of ingredients and ability to create a skincare symphony.

blessbalmspatulacrop (1)

So what makes Bless so. damn. good? Let’s have a little look at some of the ingredients, shall we:

  • Organic cold pressed argan oil – high in vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil helps keep your skin moisturized without the greasy feel since it absorbs quickly. It also restores elasticity and leaves skin feeling plumper.
  • Organic camellia seed oil – revered by the geishas, this green tea oil helps fight free radicals as well as being anti-inflammatory. Another great moisturising agent, this oil also promotes the recovery of wounds and scrapes.
  • Organic rosehip fruit – said to improve elasticity and even out skin tone, heal scars and is one of the best ingredients for tightening and toning of the skin
  • Organic cocoa butter – high in antioxidants it helps fight off those pesky free radicals and is said to be a skin healer so, good for sensitive skins (I can definitely attest to this!) It’s also high in fatty acids lending to deep hydration.
  • Organic shea butter – deeply moisturising and healing due to its content of fatty acids and cinnamic acid. It also aids in the skin’s natural production of collagen.
  • Neroli oil – also known as orange blossom (swoon, one of the most beautiful scents out there), not only does this smell like heaven but it also does good in the way of strengthening elasticity and helping to heal acne and scarring. Neroli oil is also said to invoke feelings of joy and contentment and that is most definitely what I feel when I use Bless.
  • Blue Tansy – a great ingredient for sensitive skins prone to redness and inflammation (hello!), it also helps improve elasticity and tissue strength. All in all, a lovely soothing oil with a warm, sweet scent that induces relaxation.

blessonfinger (1)

You can find the complete list of ingredients here. Bottom line, Leah has created a balm that is blessed with so many skin-loving, skin-nurturing and mind-relaxing components. It’s impossible not to love it, not to be taken in by it and most of all, not to have your skin notice a difference. I often get asked what people should get from Leahlani and apart from my answer being just about the whole collection (!), I always say Bless and the Mermaid Mask. You can’t go wrong with those two. Pinky swear. And skincare is not something I joke about. So if you’re looking for a gorgeous multi-tasking balm that smells of sweet baby cherubs carried on a Hawaiian sea breeze, then you know what to do. Drop. that. cash. A little goes a long way with this pink manna…but don’t blame me if you keep wanting to apply it everywhere!

Have you tried Bless? What are your thoughts and what’s your favourite way of using it?

Nic xx

Disclaimer: Bless was generously gifted to me by Leah but since I fell in love with the first sample I received I would have gladly paid for it! Which is what I’ll be doing when I buy it again and again and again and…yeah, you get the picture. All views are my very own.



    • caprinic says:

      Aw thank you Lola!??high praise, high praise?I really hope Leah can find a way to make Bless a perfume??in the meantime I’ll just rubbing it on me a little everywhere?xx

  1. herenowithlove says:

    I so want to try this! Do you think this would be a good morning cleanser? I currently use May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud (which I love!) and am looking to change it up. Do you think it would work for oily skin come summer time? And do you use any water when you remove it? Can you, you think? Sorry for all the questions, you just seem like the right person (besides Leah) to ask!

    • caprinic says:

      Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂 I think this would be a good morning cleanser, I just prefer something more quick and dirty in the mornings since I like to take my time when applying Bless in the evenings. And I believe it could work for oily skin in the summer time, no problem. I use warm water to remove it together with a bamboo muslin cloth as I feel it works best that way. I hope this helps! And yes, Honey Mud is a great cleanser, I used to use it too in the mornings but now I’m using Osmia Organics Facial Soap which is working really well 🙂

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