Balance Me Launch in Sweden

I’ve been meaning to do a review on several Balance Me products for a while now but was for some reason waiting to do so.  This post will be on the very lovely Balance Me launch I had the privilege to attend this past week on April 2nd in Stockholm.

For those who aren’t familiar with Balance Me (come out from under that rock you!), it is a British natural skincare brand dedicated to making products that work naturally with the Balance Me promise of “no parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, DEA, PEGs, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances and colours”- in other words, an eco diva’s every wish come true as I for one try to avoid these ingredients like the plague.  Balance Me was no stranger to me as I have been using their products for a while now- I’m currently using their shampoo, conditioner, Rose Otto face oil and moisturiser with SPF 25 (reviews to come in the future) so suffice to say that I dig this brand!
The fabulous Alice&White (review) team hosted this event with the help of Pretto PR and I must say they did a fabulous job!  As I arrived only 10 minutes before one of the founders, Rebecca Hopkins, was going to present her brand I was much too busy grabbing myself a plate of pastel macaroons, delicious salmon sandwiches, profiteroles as well as indulging in a glass of Bellini that I sadly have no photos of this amazing spread (sorry ladies, will do better next time, I promise! *slaps wrist*).  The theme to the event was very much English Afternoon Tea and they most definitely succeeded with it.  There were also different green teas to try out (available to purchase at Alice&White) as well as a variety of water that had been flavoured with actual raspberries, strawberries and cucumber- nothing artificial here!  Every detail was seen to.
At 5pm Rebecca Hopkins gave her wonderfully inspiring presentation on how the brand grew from two sisters making skincare products in their kitchen to the successful and well-known brand it is today.  With Rebecca’s experience from working at L’Oreal and Clare’s career in PR they found the perfect collaboration which was further amplified by Sian Jones who joined the team with her wealth of knowledge in retail and aromatherapy.  A rather successful combo!  In a relatively short time (Balance Me is only 9 years old!) the brand has won over 25 awards (!) such as the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) UK Beauty Insiders ‘Best British Brand’ 2013 and four Anti-ageing Beauty Bible Awards to name but a few.  Rebecca held a fantastic presentation in her soothing voice touching on the most important points of the brand in terms of ingredients, their vision for the future and the importance of a good work/life balance in everything they do.  There were opportunities to speak with both Rebecca and Alex, the delightfully charming PR manager during the event and I was able to get satisfactory answers to a few questions I had.  As with all things fun, the time flew by much too quickly!
All guests also had the great fortune to go home with a goody bag containing Balance Me’s Super Toning Body Oil, Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm, Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF 25 and Rose Otto Face Oil.  A very generous bag indeed!  I was very excited to try the moisturiser with SPF as I’m very bad at applying sunscreen in general (I refuse to look white and greasy and I hate wearing anything heavy on my face and would rather go without- GASP!  Yes, yes shock horror and all that but that’s how I feel about it) and I can very happily say, after only two uses, that I love it.  Review on said product to come but so far so good!
Where can you find this fabulous brand you ask?  Well, on Alice&White of course!!  And soon at select retailers.  I would like to thank Alice&White for inviting me to this lovely fun event and well done for hosting it so brilliantly.  Is there anything you don’t do with finesse??  Probably not.


  1. OrgaNic Obsessions says:

    Thanks for your comment Ru! I know, we were all very lucky with receiving such generous goody bags 🙂 Am quite behind with a new post, will have to remedy that soon! Hope all is good with you. Xx

  2. Malin/BilboBlueEyes says:

    Vad roligt att hitta ytterligare en svensk eko-blogg! Synd att jag inte visste att du skulle vara på Balance Me eventet. Hade varit roligt att passa på att säga hej! Speciellt roligt för mig med en ekobloggare med torr hud liksom mig så ska bli kul att se dina recensioner framöver. 🙂

    • caprinic says:

      Hej! Vad kul att du hittade hit! Det hade verkligen varit roligt att träffas på Balance Me eventet men det blir säkert fler tillfällen. Angående min hy så vill jag bara passa på att säga att jag egentligen är en salig blandning. Fram tills jag började använda ansiktsoljor så har jag alltid haft väldigt fet hy (led av akne i 20-års åldern) och nu på vintern kan den bli väldigt torr runt kinderna och munnen men normal/fet på andra ställen. Jag har också märkt att jag har känslig hy och vet inte riktigt mot vad, anar att det kan vara mot neroli om jag har det i för många produkter. Som sagt, en riktig salig blandning men hoppas att det hjälper dig att hitta produkter som passar din hy. Tack för att du tog dig tiden att läsa och för att du lämnade en kommentar. Trevlig söndag!

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