After A Challenge Comes A Splurge!


So to follow on from my recent post where I showed you the products I managed to finish up for #BeautyChallenge5, here comes the logical next post showcasing my little Alice & White AND Leahlani Skincare haul I so gleefully procured!  Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Since accepting the #BeautyChallenge5 I had somehow managed weeks, nay months, of not shopping at my all-time favourite Alice & White.  Withdrawal symptoms?  Let’s not go into any details, it ain’t pretty (review on the store here). Only thing rejoicing was my bank account.  Of course.  But it can go feel sorry for itself in the corner cos Nic has remembered her credit card digits again! (very useful but dangerous ability…I would know).  So what did I splurge on? First thing on the agenda was getting a new toner so without delay I put May Lindstrom’s The Jasmine Garden into my little shopping basket.  It’s as gorgeous and exquisite as everyone told me it would be and my skin has been loving this mist.  If you love jasmine and cocoa, togetha, well you will love this black bottle of skinlicious goodness.  Yes, skinlicious is a word even if I just made it up.  I also don’t need to keep spritzing this (not that I wouldn’t want to but it is a product I want to savour as long as possible!) which is a plus in my books.


I also had to replenish my beloved Ilia mascara so I decided to try another natural option, this time in the form of RMS Beauty Volumising mascara and so far so good.  I personally prefer the Ilia brush as I feel it deposited the product better onto my lashes.  That said, in terms of performance my new mascara does just as well which means no flaking or smudging at all.  The whole day.  And no irritated eyes.  Plus, it looks great in my bathroom with that sleek silver packaging.



And now comes the fantastical part that is Alice & White- the immensely generous gifts and samples I received along with my order.  I felt very spoiled indeed and I thank them once again for sending me these products.  First up, this little beauty requires no introduction, RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Smile.  It seemed quite orange/corally when I opened it up, more so than in the photo so I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t suit my skin tone but thankfully I was wrong!  This shade goes on quite bright but after just a few seconds it seems to have melted into my skin and in some magical way that Rose Marie Swift may only know, it has adjusted itself to my skin tone giving me a lovely flush that I can only describe as a “hey, I just took a brisk country walk in the cool autumn weather” look!  And the best part is that it stays put pretty much all day.  Have yet to reapply from applying it in the morning.  I do miss a powder blush once in a while which is when I return to my beloved Magù Eco blush but Smile is what I’ve been reaching for most lately.


I also received Swell’s Dry Shampoo and I can’t say too much about this product since I still lovingly use One Love Organics Healthy Locks.  I’ve tried Swell once and I did like the effect but one time is not enough to give a proper review so I will refrain.  What I do like a lot is the unique Eco-Pump delivery system, making it very easy to dispense some product directly to my scalp or into the palm of my hand.



And last but certainly not least, Bodhi & Birch’s Bath and Shower Therapy in travel size.  I love these bottles as they come in SO handy when going away for the weekend or a mini-vacay.  That being said, you only need a little of these beauties so I’m sure one little bottle could last quite a while.  Either way, I have a little selection growing by the bathtub and I just love picking one out depending on my mood.  The new scents I received were Siam Ginger (formerly Galangal Spice, my boyfriend’s fav) and Camomile Sky which is very similar to Palmarosa Verde but even better.  This one, along with Jasmine Falls are my two favourite scents from the line even though I have yet to try Mint Thé and Ylang-Ylang Incensa; they could very well join my current favs.


That was my Alice & White haul and now for my little parcel of sunshine all the way from Hawaii!  Enter Leahlani Skincare and all the olfactory goodness it brings.  If you want to read my reaction the moment I tried the Kauai Orchid perfume oil you need to head over to my Instagram as I believe I captured it the best there.  Even made Leah, the creator of this beautiful brand, shed a few tears.  Of the good kind of course!  This perfume is OUT OF THIS WORLD gorgeous and if you love the scent of jasmine bushes wafting on a delicate summer breeze then you will ADORE this oil as mastermind Leah has somehow managed to capture this exact scent in a roller ball bottle.  Very handy if you want to smell like jasmine bushes all day and honestly, who wouldn’t??  Now, it doesn’t say jasmine anywhere on the bottle, instead it proudly states that it contains tahitian gardenia (tiare), plumeria and orchid so I’m not sure what is coming out so strong to be likened with jasmine but obviously this combination works!  I also received, very generously, the Pikake perfume oil with a description of Hawaiian jasmine on the label…which might confuse us jasmine lovers!  This scent is a lot sweeter and warmer than Kauai Orchid and not reminiscent of jasmine bushes (ok, I have a thing for them).  It’s lovely in its own way and it evokes images of a sunset by the beach with a soft breeze in the air and the sound of rolling waves…honestly, this is one of the things I love about Leahlani so much, the images that so easily come to mind when using any of the products.  Leah also kindly added dinky samples of the Puakini Tuberose perfume oil and the Coconut Infusion in the same scent and both are divine, what else.  This scent is definitely the sweetest of the bunch by my olfactory senses but equally original.  No scent is the other alike so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you.  I’m just so happy to have found Kauai Orchid as it was the scent I was searching for.  And now I can stop searching.  There’s a lot of comfort to be had in that.


Last but not least in my parcel was of course my full-size Mermaid Mask.  A girl can’t have too many masks!  It’s also the new and improved version with Kaolin and green clay added, along with the original skin-loving ingredients of Hawaiian raw organic honey, Hawaiian spirulina, chlorella, luminess algae and sea buckthorn fruit to name but a few!  This combination helps to clarify, hydrate and plump your skin and we don’t say no to that.  Oh, and of course, it smells delicious too, like a citrusy cocktail with a hint of ocean.  If that makes sense.  Before I end this post, I have to comment on how talented Leah is not only at creating beautiful skincare products, but also at painting, which is evident from the lovely card she sent me with the bird motif.  Thank you kindly for the sweet personalised touch.

So that was the sound of my bank account crying, just after the last full stop.  I really shouldn’t be rubbing it in but I can’t not share these gorgeous products with the green beauty community.  So we’ll just ignore the whimpering sound.  Hey, I’m gonna be smelling sooo gooood with silky smooth skin so I reckon it was worth it!  Have I made a dent in my wish list?  Not one bit I’m afraid.  This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg!  Oh lord, the whimpering in the corner has turned to wailing.  Best tend to that now I think…

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?  Or are any of them on your wish list perhaps?  Share away!

Nic xx

*Like always, what I write I own and neither Alice & White nor Leahlani Skincare have coerced me to write anything I wouldn’t willingly write myself.  No necessito when they both do their jobs so well!  With Love From Sweden


    • caprinic says:

      I love it!! I was oohing and aahing when I spritzed it the first time 🙂 Plus it keeps my skin soft and hydrated which is the most important part! Haha, yes my poor bank account…it just needs to hold out a little longer! Xx

  1. Alessandra /Bambi Organics says:

    Hi there Nic
    Gorgeous hauls and descriptions!
    I love alice & white as well and im so happy because everytime i order Lona and the rest of the staff are such sweethearts!!
    Leahlani as well is one of my fav at the moment (and i think forever). She has the best tropical/fruity scents i’ ever came across ❤❤❤

    Hope Alice & white bring it soon!!

    May’s toner is very nice but i found it not enough moisturiser for my dry skin..smell is gorgeous too. What a shame it last only 4 months!!

    Big kisses dear

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Alessandra! Thank you for reading and commenting, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Yes, there is nothing not to love about Alice & White or Leahlani Skincare, one a brilliant procurer and the other a stellar creator.
      The Jasmine Garden is doing a good job of keeping my skin hydrated with 1 or 2 extra spritzes during the day but i guess it comes down to different skin types. I’m really interested in trying out Yüli’s Cocoon Elixir, i hear it’s very hydrating. Have you tried it? Xx

    • caprinic says:

      Hi Suzi! Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m really happy with the Jasmine Garden so far and my finicky skin is hard to please. It helps calm any sensitivities, tried and tested. Reacted to something so got a mozzie-like bite and after spraying with the mist it instantly died down. Keeps skin soft and hydrated throughout the day with a spritz here and there 🙂

  2. lizthegreenspirit says:

    Nic or should I say princess Jasmine 😉 No seriously, you cracked me up with your jasmine bushes haha, you are SO skilled at describing scents: you sold me on Leah’s fragrances, and I love that little bird painting too, so adorable! You can tell she does everything with her heart. I also need to get my hands on Bodhi and Birch’s Mint Thé and Camomille sky. As usual, it’s a pleasure to read your post, super informative and entertaining 🙂 xx

    • caprinic says:

      Haha I can live with Princess Jasmine! So happy to hear you enjoyed this post and thank you for your kind compliment regarding my description skills- it’s easy when these images come to mind so vividly! You must try one of her fragrances soon Liz and if you’re unsure, Leah is a big help as through my description of scents I like and don’t like, she recommended Kauai Orchid. I could’ve made her life easier by saying anything that smells like jasmine bushes has me sold but where’s the fun in that? 😉 Xx

  3. Jana says:

    Gorgeous haul Nic! RMS Smile is such a beautiful color!<3 I love using Coconut infusion in my hair and next time I definitely have to try the Kauai Orchid perfume, sounds beautiful<3 Oh how I love Leahlani, I'm so happy I finally tried Leah's amazing products! :)) xx

    • caprinic says:

      Thanks Jana! Smile is gorgeous indeed and would probably look good on most skin tones 🙂 I have yet to try the Coco Infusion in my hair, will have to try it out soon! I’m with you on loving Leah’s beautiful skincare line :)) A little bit of Hawaiian sunshin for everyone 🙂 xx

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you for your kind sweet words Leah, and for making such beautiful products. Reviews come easy when the products are gorgeous 🙂 Going to sleep with some Coco Infusion now! Keep doing your thang Leah, the universe needs it. Xx

  4. Call It Vanity says:

    Awesome haul Nic! You DEFINITELY deserved to treat yourself 😉 I think once you get the chance to use the Swell dry shampoo more you’ll love it, and that Mermaid mask sounds incredible! That’s one thing I’m lacking, a good green mask haha.

    Mayah x

    • caprinic says:

      Hehe thank you Mayah! Oh have you tried the Swell dry shampoo? Thoughts? And yes, you need to become a mermaid too! Seriously divine! Xx

  5. Amber says:

    Yay SPLURGE! You deserved a treat 😀 I love the Bodhi & Birch shower therapies, Siam Ginger is probably my fave! Treated myself to some ML too 🙂 beautiful photos btw xx

    • caprinic says:

      Yes, i definitely deserved a splurge! And the Bodhi & Birch shower therapy series is lovely hey. Aw thanks Amber! Wanted to capture my loot amongst the autumn leaves :)) xx

    • caprinic says:

      Tammy, did you not read that my search for THE jasmine scent is over! ;P joke aside, I haven’t tried it out as this is my first proper foray into natural perfumes and now that I adore Leahlani’s so much I don’t feel the need to wander. Maybe in a few years 😉 But anything else with jasmine, let me know! Oh yay, can’t wait for you to receive your first Leahlani Skincare order! Look forward to seeing what you got :)) Must say the shipping this time didn’t take long at all which was a nice surprise. Last time it took about a month! Xx

  6. asti says:

    I love your splurge 🙂 and doesn’t Jasmine Garden smell so incredibly gorgeous? Cocoa is my favorite thing in the world but when it’s mixed with floral.. ah it’s so good. I have ran out of a sample size of it.. can’t wait to get it again.

    and whoever started the Leahlani trend.. congrats. Now I must try the mermaid mask at some point in my life.

    RMS lip2cheek in smile.. ahh!! It doesn’t look good on my lips but I love it on my cheeks. I plan to purchase a full-size in the future. Would love to see how it looks on you, I can imagine it suits you well!!

    • caprinic says:

      Thank you Asti! Yes, the Jasmine Garden is lovely; I’m just scared of running out of it too quickly!

      I hope you get your hands on the Mermaid Mask soon as it’s a really lovely product, perfect for a midweek masking session 🙂 I sometimes use this after the Problem Solver to calm my skin.

      I have the same issue with RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile, looks good on my cheeks but not on my lips! Which is fine as I have other lip products that need to be used up 😉 Thank for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂 xx

  7. Mona / La Vie est Belle says:

    Fint inlägg och fantastiska saker du har köpt! RMS SMile ser verkligen väldigt coral/orange ut men kul att läsa att den smälter in och anpassar sig. Hur har det gått med mascaran, fortfarande nöjd? 🙂 Jag är nyfiken men lite ovillig på att byta ut mina underbara Une Mascaror.
    Jag är väldigt nyfiken på att testa produkter från Leahlani. Följer dem på Instagram och har varit inne och kikat på deras produkter ett par gånger. Vad kostar frakten?

    • caprinic says:

      Hej Mona! Vad roligt att få min första svenska kommentar på bloggen!
      Ja, Smile ser väldigt orange ut men smälter på något underligt vis in och anpassar sig till hudtonen. Jag kan tänka mig att färgen skulle passa de allra flesta faktiskt.
      Mascaran är jag jättenöjd med fortfarande, den håller bra och “smudgar” inte. Så den kan jag rekommendera men är du nöjd med Une så är väl det underbart! Då har du hittat “din” mascara 🙂
      Leahlani måste du testa någon gång! Frakten kostade $15 (ca 110kr) vilket är helt ok i mina ögon samt att jag använde mig av en rabattkod som du också kan använda (SHORTSMALLSWEET) och då får du 10% rabatt. Mermaid masken är helt underbar och även Honey Love 3 in 1 Exfoliator som jag har recenserat i ett tidigare inlägg. Allt doftar underbart och väldigt mycket av Hawaii (hav, stränder, exotiska blommor) så det är något speciellt 🙂 Kanske något att önska sig i julklapp?

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