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I’m Nic, lover of all things organic and natural when it comes to skincare…actually, I’m rather obsessed with it!  I post musings on products that I come across and I hope that what I write can inspire others to become a little greener, a little inspired and a little more discerning about what we feed our beautiful skin.

I have been “going green” since 2012 and it continues to be a wonderful journey of discovery and learning.  I am by no means an expert in the subject and all my musings are based upon how my skin reacts to various products.  This means that what I love or may not love could very well translate into something different for you.  The important thing to remember is that we all are unique and to truly know how a product will work for you is by trying it out yourself.  That said, some advice and helpful tips can come from those with similar skin types and I would like to describe mine as: combination/sensitive with oilier T-zone and drier patches around cheeks and mouth.  In other words, quite finicky skin.  My skin cannot handle testing that is done with reckless abandon, therefore I usually test a product for a month before I decide to review it or not and I only test one product at a time, especially when it comes to anything I put on my face. This is so that I can quickly assess what is or isn’t working for my skin and eliminate any ingredients that my skin doesn’t like.  I’m hoping that this also makes for a thorough review that can help people decide whether to go ahead with a product or not.  We can often fall in love with certain products at first sniff or application but the same products may also not work well with our personal body chemistry. Testing thoroughly is my way of ensuring that the quality is upheld, not only from the first moment I open a product but also throughout the whole testing period.

All products that I review have been purchased by me unless stated otherwise.

To contact me please email nicmacdowall@gmail.com


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