A blogpost dedication to Alice&White-best of natural organic skincare

Be prepared.  This post will be me love-bombing my absolute favourite online natural/organic skincare store and I will do so shamelessly!  Because I really do love them.  And I really do consider them to be a top notch company when it comes to, well, pretty much everything.  But let me start from the beginning.

Almost 2 years ago now, my sister Boo started using Kora Organics and it was through her that I gently got introduced to the wonderful world of organic skincare (*blows a kiss to sis).  I began using Kora’s Purifying Cleanser which then led to a purchase of one of their creams and finally their very good Tinted Moisturiser.  For a while my very generous sister kept supplying me my stash as I ran out (this meant sending me stuff from Japan which she had ordered from Australia. They hadn’t yet struck a deal with Net-A-Porter like they have now) but realizing this convenient method couldn’t last forever I set about ordering directly from Australia myself only to find out that I was paying double the price due to custom duties and whatnot.  This was going to be a very expensive habit indeed which is when I started looking around the web for something more local, something in Sweden.  That’s when I stumbled upon Alice&White.  Google, how I love you.  It was love at first sight; the design of their website was very different from all the other online organic stores in Sweden. It was chic, understated yet exuded a luxurious quality compared to other stores which had the same ubiquitous “no frills” style that was also weirdly cluttered at the same time.  Let’s face it, I’m a woman, I am drawn to anything that breathes high quality, luxury, gorgeousness, you name it.  I do realize that you can’t always judge a book by its cover but this time I did!  Alice&White drew me in in a way that other stores didn’t and that obviously made me take a closer look at what they were offering.  Their range of brands is bigger today than when I first found them and I am very excited to follow their expansion; their next additions to the family will be Suti skincare and Pai, needless to say I am thrilled over both!  I remember when news reached me that they would be stocking May Lindstrom Skin last year and I kid you not when I say I checked in to the website several times every day!  OrgaNically obsessed?  Just a little.
I hear you saying that you’re still not totally convinced about all this gushing over one online organic skincare store, there are loads all over if you start looking and some even offer worldwide shipping!  True, but before I bought anything from them I first contacted them asking if they had heard of Kora Organics (didn’t really know too many brands at the time if you can believe that!) and would they consider stocking them?  I received THE, I repeat, THE loveliest reply from Lona, who turned out to be the founder of Alice&White, telling me in the kindest, most humble manner ever that they were in contact with said skincare company and would keep me updated, but would I like to try some other brands in the meantime?  She then went on to recommend a few products that were similar to what I was using at the time and it was due to this communication back and forth that made me want to become a customer.  Not the products.  Not the sleek looking website.  Not the affordability (well alright, I suppose that DID play a small part!).  Not the attractive offer of free shipping in Sweden and samples with every order, but Lona’s amazing customer service, kindness and generosity.  And that’s when my love affair with Alice&White began.  For the first time ever I felt as though I had stepped into a brick-and-mortar and received the most amazing service, which I had, but through my computer screen!  Lona took customer service to a whole other level and I have been a loyal customer since.  I really do hate shopping from other online stores simply because I would much rather purchase the same products from Alice&White and I do my utmost to avoid it, but they don’t for example carry cosmetics (yet! Fingers crossed it’s in the workings!) and then I must stray, however reluctantly.  So to all those business majors out there saying how the consumer is fickle…not this one!  Not if I can help it.
And now to the facts.  What brands do they carry?  As of this moment they have 28 brands such as Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Bodhi, Balance Me, May Lindstrom Skin, Ecoya, NEOM, The Organic Oil Co to name but a few.  Like I mentioned earlier, they offer free shipping to residents in Sweden (yay!) and samples with every order and those samples can be pretty nice sometimes!  One of my favourite things though is receiving an Alice&White box.  First of all the box itself is super easy to open with a perforated edge that you just peel off (being half Japanese I pay extra attention to such details as nearly everything in Japan has been packaged in a way that is super easy for the user to open- talk about spending a lot of brain power in that area!) and then you just open the lid et voilà!  Everything is wrapped in beautiful tissue paper and when you unfold that, a little black paper bag emerges which is always gorgeously tied with a ribbon (these change colour depending on the season). I still remember being blown away the first time I opened an Alice&White box as I could really feel the care and love that had gone into packing my order.  These little things count and companies that feel they can afford to skimp on that really haven’t sussed out consumers.  Every little thing counts, down to the little handwritten messages that come in the box.  So if I didn’t already have a very good impression of Alice&White before, I was totally smitten after receiving my first box.  Another bonus?  Everything smells deeviiiine!
Beautiful Christmas wrapping
Another lengthy post must come to an end despite me being able to go on and on about Alice&White!  So what do I love about it?  The personal customer care, the attention to detail, the gorgeous wrapping, the range of brands that keeps growing as well as having a range to suit many tastes and wallets.  What am I not so keen about? …..nope can’t think of anything.  Although if I had to wish for one thing then it would be for them to add a cosmetics range.  Then it really would be one-stop shopping for me!  So for all you lovely green beauty lovers who are perhaps a bit more fickle than myself (!), have a look at this
lovely website and tell me there isn’t anything to love!  Needless to say you will be hearing of this store every now and then as that is where I purchase the majority of my organic skincare products =)
*I have not been paid, bribed, given commission to or otherwise been coerced into submitting this glowing review of Alice&White.  In fact, they are completely oblivious to this love note until I hit Publish. 


  1. OrgaNic Obessions says:

    Then you most definitely do! Hanna has mentioned Alice&White several times in her blog as well =)
    Kora's Tinted Moisturiser is definitely something I would recommend but the Purifying cleanser and accompanying moisturiser weren't anything to go bananas over…especially not for the prices they take. I have no problems paying extra for a good product but then it really needs to work and blow my socks off! 😛 The Tinted Moisturiser gives really good coverage and makes your skin looks smooth and even…it feels a teeny tiny bit heavy in the beginning, right after you've applied it but after a while that goes away. Hope that helped! And thank you for reading! =))

  2. ♥ Bambi Organics ♥ / Eco luxury beauty says:

    I love Alice & White, specially because they are amazing and so generous, they prepare packages with LOT of love and dedication!
    I only bought one time, because I live now in Australia but as soon as I return to my country (Italy) I'll defo get more May's stuff and they're the BEST in the world.

    Congrats for this lovely start and i hope to see you around

    many kisses


  3. OrgaNic Obessions says:

    I agree with you completely! I'm sure you'll be able to find some lovely organic skincare stores in Australia as well but it's nice to know that Alice&White has a special place in your heart too =) Thank you for stopping by and reading! xx

  4. OrgaNic Obessions says:

    Thank you Gem for your comment and I hope it encouraged you to stop by the store =) You won't regret buying from them and they really listen to their customers. They always add samples in every order and if there's something in particular you want to try then you can request it and they try their utmost to accommodate you. Thanks again for reading!

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